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Jungkook couldn't take it any more, the girl is so annoying. Everywhere he go, she's always clinging to him.

And now, he decided to meet up with her. He finally heared her calling him. He faced her, and she noticed that Jungkook didn't smiled at her like he usually does.

Being the straightforward man Jungkook is, he said the words without emotions.

Jungkook: Let's end this. Oh wait, we've never been together.

Then he turned his back to Mina and walked towards his house.

Mina stood there tearing up. But Jungkook came back and handed her his umbrella. The sky is full of grey clouds. Indicating there's a storm, maybe.

The house is so silent and empty. Suddenly, the rain started pouring hard, then a loud thunder followed. Jungkook hearded a loud scream, a woman's scream.

Jungkook smiled knowing it's you. He went to your room and saw a tent on your bed.

You: J-Jungko—

There's a loud thunder again making you scream and not finish his name. You fall on your side hugging your pillow tightly. You're shaking so much.

Jungkook's heart softened, so he went to you and lifted up the blanket to take a peak on you.

Your face is covered and you were sweating so much.

Jungkook got in under the bed, and you felt the bed shift. But you're to scared to argue with him, instead you threw the pillow somewhere and hugged him so tight. Jungkook was taken a back, but hugged you back, since this was his plan after all.

He felt your body is so hot, so he placed his palm on yours and on his own.

'Yep, a fever.' Jungkook thought.

He waited for you to fell asleep, but then he fell asleep too.


You woke up when you felt a wet feeling on your forehead. Your eyes slowly adjusted from the darkness.

You: Why is it so dark?

You asked with a hoarse voice. You then looked, beside you, only to see Jungkook sleeping in a very uncomfortable way. The said man was sitting on the floor with his head lying in the bed.

Since he helped you, and your felt bad. You removed the towel on your forehead and sat up to call Jungkook.

You: Jungkook!

You kept repeating his name for minutes, then you poked him. But he won't budge.

You were under him, moaning his name repeatedly. You are near, and so is he. Your walls clenching around him, making him groan.

You: Ah- ngghh- J-Jungkook!

You screamed as you felt yourself release.

Jungkook opened his eyes, panting. He can't believe he just dreamed. Not just any dream, but a wet dream... with you in it.

Then he saw your face only few inches away from him. Flashbacks of his dream came back, he shouldn't be thinking of you like this. You're too innocent to be involved.

You: Are you okay? Did you have a bad dream?

Jungkook can sense the worry laced in your voice, and in your face. Your forehead is scrunched and your lips pouting.

'No. It's isn't bad. But I can't say it's good either.'


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