Chapter 11: The Defense of Vale

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Location: Vale

3rd POV


The Group of Huntsman and Huntresses exclaimed in full shock, they cannot believe what they are seeing, in front of them is Jaune Arc, the Beacon student who was tormented and abused, and been missing for several months is standing there ALIVE.

They see Jaune walking towards them menacingly wearing his HELIOSKRILL-class Mjolnir with his without his helmet on, holding a Type-25 Carbine in his hands, glaring at the Grimm.

As he continues walking menacingly towards the group, the Beacon Students and Arc sisters sees three Beowolves behind Jaune ready to pounce on the Arc. Thy were about to warn him, but then Jaune swiftly turns around in a 360, and fires his Carbine killing the three Grimms, stunning the Huntsman and Huntresses in the process seeing that Jaune killed the Grimms like they were nothing.

"INCURSIVE BEAST!" Jaune insults as he turns to left, firing upon an incoming Ursa killing it aswell.

And in instinct, he turn to the right sees the Ursa ready to strike him and he is about to shoot his Carbine at the Grimm, but the Ursa knocks his Carbine out of his hands and is ready to strike the Arc.

  However, fortunately for Jaune he does roundhouse kick stunning the Ursa and pulls out his 'Arc's Wrath' in its Melee mode and activates the energy sword and slashes at the Ursa in half killing it, before the two-bladed weapon then turned to impale another Grimm, which is an Alpha Beowolf, killing each Grimm close to him and he kills the another as he stands up in triumph, while the Beacon students and the Arc Sisters stood there, in complete awe.

"Woah... Jaune is a Badass..." Cardin mutters as he there in stood there awe and shock. 

  A Howl catches their attention and sees a horde of Beowolf coming straight towards them, numbering over 32 of them coming. The Huntsmen and Huntresses gets into a fighting stance, while Jaune just switch the mode of the 'Arc's Wrath' from Energy Sword to Plasma Rifle, and he fires rapidly as the plasma killing over 25 of the horde, only the 7 remaining Beowolves to charge at him.

"Rise up against me...." He shoots the Grimm to the left killing it, "...AND I'LL KILL YOU!" before he throws a punch at the Beowolf stunning it, and actives the 'Arc's Wrath' into Energy Sword Mode and He attacks the remaining Beowolves.






He then throws his Energy sword-plasma rifle hybrid at the Beowolf behind him, impaling the Grimm, until it disintegrated.

He sees Beowolf charging at him, but Jaune punches the Beowolf on the head, breaking its skull leaving it dazed, before a Jaune pulls out a Plasma Grenade and stuck it on the on the Beowolf's Head and grabs the Plasma Grenade infused-Beowolf and throws it at 5 remaining Beowolves as explosions consumes them killing the Grimms as Jaune jumps out of the way and stands up triumphantly.

(This is pretty much what the Fight scene looks like.)

As for the Team of Huntsmen and Huntresses, they varied many different Reactions.

  For team RWBY, Ruby's reaction is mixed with shock and excitement, shock to see Jaune taking out the Grimms like they were nothing, and excitement over his arsenal of weapons and also the bad-ass Armor. Weiss is speechless to see the weapons he possess to able to kill Grimms that easily. Blake and Yang on the other hand are shocked and amazed by what they are seeing.

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