28- Makeover by who?

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Michelle p.o.v

It's been 2 days since Diana came back and we are all very happy the boys where very shocked but happy when they saw Diana anyways Abby has been making a plan on getting her and Harry together she's weird.

So in two weeks the boys have a holiday so I'm going to go with Niall to Ireland and I got to say I'm really nervous to meet his parents Niall says that they will love me but I'm still nervous. Julie is going to meet Zayn's parents ,Abby is going with Liam, Fatima and Louis are going to Paris for there anniversary that's so cute and who knows what they might do wait never mind I don't want to know, Diana is going to visit her older sister and Harry is going to visit his parents and before there holiday is over we are going to the Bahamas yaya.

"So what do you guys want to do" I ask we been sitting in the bus watching tv and I'm bored

"How bout a makeover" louis says

"What" I says a bit confused and scared

"Yea us boy give you girls a makeover" Harry says they all run to get over makeup stuff I look at the girls scared

"Wish us good luck" I says

"Yep" they all say the boys come back with all our makeup Niall walks over to me and starts taking out makeup to put on me he toke out lips stick and started putting it on me then I started feeling something cold smeared on my face then some brushes rubbing all over my face Niall leaned closer to me I could feel his warm breath on my face. I fluttered my eyes open to find my self face to face with Niall he grinned at me and winked before making me close my eyes

"Done" they all says proudly I grab a mirror right next to be and see that I have blue eyeshadow up to my eyebrows red lipstick all over the bottom half of my face and eyeliner on my cheeks and forehead. Niall had written Niall is sexy on my forehead with eyeliner

"Oh. My. God" is all I could say

"you look pretty"Niall says

I look at the other girls and we all start laughing at how weird we look. After a while we go take the makeup of all of us had written on our forehead it just said different thing I grabbed a towel to wash it off most of it came off except the Blake writing on my forehead. I walk back to the boys "Niall.. what did you put on my forehead" Niall shrugged and put on an innocent face. He picked something up and handed it to me

"Just this"

I grabbed it from him and read the label 'sharpie' it said

"You used sharpie" I scream as he nodded

"Oh boy your in troubleeee" Louis says right when all the girls walk in with written on there forehead to in guessing they all used sharpie

"We're in troubleeeeeee" they all say.



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