Chapter 10: I'm gay but no one must find out

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The carriage rattles side to side on the uneven road, I feel like I'm suffocating  "brother is there something wrong?" he looks at me with worried eyes "I'm fine Ken" as I ruffed up his hair, I lied there's no way I'm fine knowing I'm only a mile away from my death, I gulp my own saliva feeling my hand slightly shake.

"How weak" Sera scuffs as she watches me with her beady light brown eyes from the other side, "for a man who possessed all the magic attributes and recently new ones are scared of one magic academy?" she chuckles at the thought.

However, she got me laughing too "yeah I'm worried about how I should restore my family's honour the moment a certain screw-up becomes a well-known player in the academy" she looks at me with pure anger and hatred and I respond with the exact same emotions, "okay you two settle down!" as Ken comes in between us "look we're here" I kiss my teeth as I look out the window to see that we already pulled up in front of the academy's entrance.

The large blue gate which looks like it was encrusted with blue magical crystals, the academy beyond it was grand and vast, it sort of resembles a cathedral, crap I'm not very religious what should I do? as the three of us climbed out of the carriage we noticed all the students gathered in front of the gate.

Everyone seemed occupied in their own business but stopped to take a look at me, their gazes feel painful as it is already and I also stick out like a sore thumb, one I'm a national treasure with great powers, second I'm a second year not a first-year student like everyone else.

I hear everyone whispering about us already and I'm already frustrated as it is, until someone called out "oh? Alex!" I turn to my right to see Natsu dashing towards me and Ken pulled me away from the incoming attack and made him crash land onto the concrete ground, "s-sorry Natsu" as he stood back up as if nothing happened "it's alright" as he wipes off the dirt on his plain white shirt and black trousers. "Anyway, Alex are you joining the Academy as well?" he says with excitement in his eyes, I nodded "yeah but as a second year though" I smile bitterly as I felt Ken clung to me but Natsu ignored him and continued on the conversation "but aren't you 15?" I respond "actually my birthday is next month so I'm technically considered older than you guys just by a month, if I were born any later I would've been your age" although I was kind of glad I wasn't born younger if it meant I won't have to be in the same class as him.

"Hmm" he hums rather disappointedly, "oh dear brother who are you talking to" oh no, as Sera approaches from behind "oh prince Natsu it's a pleasure to meet you again" she shows courtesy, this girl knew exactly who I was talking to, she just wants to start building her harem. I kiss my teeth in annoyance at her present until an announce echoed "Can Alex Von Hellsing please come to the front!" I've never been this happy to be called out by a teacher before "well I must excuse myself, Natsu please get along well with my sister" I faked a smile as I slightly pushed Ken off and leave them to have their alone time 

I walk towards a fairly young male who seems to be in his late 20s.

Instead of the expected formal suit, this man was wearing his own casual clothes with necklaces dangling from his slender pale neck with at least 4 piercings in both ear, his black shirt was bigger than his actual figure which made him look erotic...

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Instead of the expected formal suit, this man was wearing his own casual clothes with necklaces dangling from his slender pale neck with at least 4 piercings in both ear, his black shirt was bigger than his actual figure which made him look erotic and sexy "Oi magic boy! don't pop a boner now!" he bluntly states which snapped me out of my trance state.

"I-I'm sorry!" as I hide my flushed face, is he a student here or a teacher?, "it's fine, the name's Terrence, everyone just calls me Terry though, but I don't mind whatever name you wanna call me by" he giggled, his voice is so mellow yet sexy. From afar Alex didn't realise a certain boy with a death note preparing to target his next target, I wonder who? 

"Follow me, I'll give you a tour of the place and show you where all your classrooms are, then after I'll take you to the boy's dorm" I nodded getting a small rundown of where everywhere is, he showed me around the large academy but I couldn't help but worry about being lost in this academy mostly because, one, there's no map to tell me where I am, two there are 46 classrooms so I'm sure I'm gonna have fun trying to find my classroom which looks exactly as the other 45 classrooms.

So far I can tell is, in this school life is not only gonna struggle because of the death flags walking around but also with my sense of directions in this hellish place for anyone who has no sense of direction. 

After a tour of the school, we finally made it to the male's dorm, whilst the female's dorm is on the other side of campus, "well that's the end of the tour" he looks at me ever so tiredly and bored, "thank you so much for showing me around" as I bowed with respect, "It's cool" he says he watches me with black beady eyes, he's not leaving, why?, as I began to feel anxious.

"Hey" he calls out to me "you're gay right?" he talks as if calling out someone's sexuality is normal for him.

What should I do? I-I can't let anyone know, as I began to feel panicky and anxious, "oi what's up with you?" as he noticed my shaking hands, "n-nothing have a good day!" as I quickly dash into the dorm leaving him hanging behind.

End of chapter 10 

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