He was having a lot of fun as he watched the ice patterns spread throughout the iced lake. When he got to one end, he gasped as he felt a force of the wind pick him up and fly him through the air. He gave a cry of both surprise and fear. He hovered at least eighty feet in the air and could see the tiny lake below. For a moment he floated there when the wind suddenly died down. He gasped again and started to fall.

He could feel pain go through him as he bounced down and through branches of trees. He finally managed to catch himself on one branch. Despite feeling a little achy from that fall, he let out a hearty chuckle. That was fun. He took this moment to look ahead and saw from his current perch that there was village nearby. He stared for a few moments before he decided to head there. Maybe he can ask someone of where he was.

He could have easily walked there but that would be no fun. He smirked as he waited for the wind to once more throw him into the air. As if it could read his thoughts, he was flung into the air. He cried out but managed to head towards the small village. Since he still had yet to control on his flying, he had trouble getting to his destination. With a lot of spins, bumping into trees, and other various things, he was at his destination. Landing once more turned out to be rather difficult as well for he ended up tumbling to the ground. He chuckled while wiping the snow off his clothes. He rushed up to a woman who was walking nearby. He tried to wave at her, but she didn't seem to see him. He shrugged and tried someone else.

"Hello! Hello!" He greeted everyone who passed by him. Yet not one would turn to acknowledge him. He found it rather strange.

"Excuse me? Ma'am?" He questioned to another woman and he heard someone approaching to his right. The boy turned and saw a little kid running towards him, "Oh hi, excuse me? Can you tell me where I am?" He began to ask as he kneeled down to talk to the kid.

What happened next sent a jolt of shock through him. The kid ran right through him as if he wasn't there. The white-haired boy gave a cry of horror at this while he straightened up. What just happened? Before he can ponder, he felt someone else go through him. He was traumatized and scared to see this. Was he dead or something? He placed his free hand to his chest and could feel his heart beating rapidly within his chest. He felt alive but how come these people are going through him like he was not even there?

"Hello?" He cried out and hoped that someone would hear him.

But once more no one turned in his direction. He backed up as the shock began to go away. Dread took its place and he was not sure of what to do.

My name is Jack Frost.

How do I know that?

The moon told me so.

Jack began to back away from the village and a remorseful look crossed his face.

But that was all he ever told me.

He then turned and began to walk back into the forest. He could feel a twinge of loneliness build up inside his heart.

And this happened some years ago. But before I go any further into this story, I better tell you another that links with my own.

The scene changes to the sun beaming down upon a country side.

You see, before I was awakened that night at the lake, many centuries ago in a land far away from where I came from, everything started with the sun. From the sun, a single drop fell from it and from that drop grew a beautiful golden flower.

A gold drop fell to a cliff and a gorgeous flower blossomed. Nearby, an old woman saw the flower and her eyes were wide. She started to limp towards it, her hands outstretched for it.

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