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Hey guys! Yes, I started another story. This one is a crossover story between Rise of the Tangled Guardians, Tangled, How to Train Your Dragon and Brave. So those who saw all four movies know what I'm talking about. I will work on my other stories, its just that this one has been in my head for a while.In the meantime, enjoy this!



That's the first thing I remember.

It was dark.

And it was cold.

And I was scared.

In the dark water was a figure of a young teenage boy. He started to float upwards toward the surface. He wore a simple white shirt, brown vest, brown cloak, and tight tan pants that were torn near his calves. What was odd about him was that his hair was snow white. He started to open his eyes, which were icy blue.

But then, then I saw the moon.

It was so big and so bright.

It seemed to chase the darkness away.

The surface was covered with a thick layer of ice, but it cracked when the boy had reached it. Once he was clear of the water, he started to breathe heavily. Never had air felt better to go into his lungs. He panted for a moment as he continued to float in the air. He took a moment to take in gulps of air before he stared up at the moon. As he did, he could feel his fear going away.

And when it did, I wasn't scared anymore.

Slowly, the boy was lowered back to the ice covered lake. Once his bare feet made contact, the hole that he had come up through disappeared.

Why I was there and what I was meant to do, that I would never know.

The teenage boy took a moment to look at himself. He examined his fingers and glanced down at his clothes. He could see he was unaffected by the coldness of the ice. This kind of surprised him.

And a part of me wonders if I ever will.

He then shifted his gaze up at the moon as the light dimmed somewhat. A soft smile played at the corners of his mouth before he placed his foot forward. He nearly slipped but managed to catch his balance in time. A small chuckle escaped his lips while he shifted his eyes about. He once more took another step but with more caution. He continued let his eyes take in the scenery around him when he felt something hard underneath one of his feet. Quickly looking down, he saw it was gnarled wooden staff with a strange G shape at one end. Curious, he poked the staff with one his toes and saw to his amazement that it began to glow blue upon contact.

He kneeled down beside the staff before picking it up. He started to examine it when one end hit the lake and he felt a burst of energy go off. He gasped before he looked down to see floral like patterns spread out upon the ice.

The boy stared in wonder and glanced down at the staff. He decided to see if the staff did that. Quickly he walked over to a few trees and tapped the hooked end to one of the oaks. More floral ice patterns began to spread. Enchanted, he placed his free hand on the pattern and saw that it did not feel cold. Smiling, he turned to another tree and tapped that one as well. More frost was made and he was starting to get excited. Chuckling, he turned and placing the hooked end of the staff down on the lake, he began to run about.

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