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There are a few people whom I am thankful for their awesomeness as I get through the whole story. Without their help, I wouldn't be able to create such a work and share with the readers online. 

My husband, Egon, whom I love, for his constant encouragement for pursuing my writing career although he finds my alone time to daydream and write the chapters crazy and unpredictable.

My sister, Hann, for suggesting the plot to make it more interesting though she's not a fan of mystery / thriller books/novels. Also, for feeding me whenever I forget to eat because of getting too carried away with writing my characters.

My parents, for their endless patience and understanding for my career choice, although they still don't see the essence of my writing yet. And for not forcing me to be normal like everyone else. 

My neighbor, Mr. Vikim Tomampos, a Law graduate, for sharing his input regarding the Philippine law for Alexandra Montenegro's case. Without his help, I wouldn't know where I should change my story to make it more realistic.

My Almighty God, for giving me the talent of words and for not giving up on me when I drifted away and got lost in my path. His gift gave me the best way to help other people through getting inspiration from the characters and the story I write in my own way. Amen. 

My readers, for showing constant support and time to read the book as well as other books I've written on Wattpad. For sending me messages time to time showing support and excitement with my latest updates. I hope you'll do the same with this book as well. 

Everyone, thank you very much!

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