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You smiled and observed the layout that you had prepared at the dinner table. Today marked your one year wedding anniversary to Michael Jackson. Yes, Michael Jackson.

The two of you had been the perfect match. He was understanding, and you were smart. The two of you fit together like no other.

It was a quarter past midnight, and you were waiting patiently for your husband to return from the studio. You fiddled with your fingers, looking at the table.

Is everything perfect? It will be when he arrives.

You walked over to sit at the table, gently drumming your fingertips along the piece of wood. The staff had all gone home, and you were alone.

As you waited, the minutes dragged by, making you restless. Michael had promised you that he'd be home by midnight.

A sigh escaped your lips as you laid your hands on the table, resting your head gently. You closed your eyes, hoping that he would be back soon.


The sound of the front door opening made you sit up with a start. You inhaled deeply and glanced at your watch - it was half past two. You stood up just as Michael walked into the kitchen.

He looked at you, then at the table. With a slight gasp, he widened his eyes.

"Oh my God..." he trailed off. "(Y/N)," he shook his head. "I....forgot,"

"You what?!" you snapped. "How could you forget?! Ugh, you might as well just throw the whole relationship away," you closed your eyes before opening them again.

You heard Michael chuckle a little, making you frown.

"What are you laughing at?" you sighed. Michael shook his head, walking up to you. "I know how to get you all fired up," he laughed, setting his hands on your waist. "Come with me," he whispered, grabbing your left hand and leading you out of the mansion.

The two of you walked out to the gardens where the shrubs were all decorated with beautiful lights. The sight was magical - it was more than beautiful.

You gasped and turned to face Michael.

"You did this for us?" your eyes began to tear up.

"I did this for you," he whispered, shoving his hand into the pocket of his pants - fishing out a small velvet box. He opened it to reveal a stunning pair of diamond earrings. "I hope you'll accept this small gift on my part," he smiled, handing the box to you.

You took it and shook your head in disbelief.

"Thank you," you sniffled, closing the box and throwing your arms around him. "I love you so much," you giggled a little as you pulled away. "I'm sorry that I snapped earlier, it's just that I thought that you forgot,"

"Well, I could never," he winked.

"Your gift is inside," you exhaled softly. "On the dining table,"

"Yes," he leaned over to whisper into your ear. "But I had something else in mind,"

His words made you blush. You knew exactly what he meant.

Let's just say the the evening was very well spent.

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