That night

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Jason's POV

It was time for the concert and I looked out and seen all these people and I'm going to admit I'm nervous I'm doing something that is going to Change my life forever. Take deep breathe's I told myself. Brantley was rocking out like he normally does and my thoughts were interrupted by them saying I would be up at anytime. About 15 minutes later I walked out on stage. I played songs that were familiar. After about 45 minutes into the show I decided it was now or never. "Alright, everyone I want to play a new song for y'all but first I want to bring a very special lady on stage, this lady is not only an amazing person but someone very special and I've spent the last Month with her. So y'all make her feel welcome Miss Hope Ashby."

Hope's POV

I about flipped when Jason called me on stage so I got up and walked onstage to join him and my heart was racing. I was nervous that I'd mess something up and make a fool of myself in front of all these people. I got on stage and we had 2 stools brought to us. I sat down and whispered to Jason asking him what I was doing up there and Jason began singing. He sang a new song 'Burnin' it down' it was amazing. when the song ended. "Hope this month I've spent with you has been so amazing and I want there to be many more months even years we spend together, what we have is like no other, I love you so much, 'Will you merry me?' Jason said. Then pulling a tiny box out and opening it. "OMG Jason I'd love nothing more then to become your wife." I said. I grabbed him and gave him a hug and kiss. I found my way back to the seat and Jason finished his set. I sat down and looked at the ring. This dream man the guy I've loved since day one will forever be mine and he will be my husband. Holly and Emily both were screaming and they hugged me. We enjoyed the rest of the show. My mind was racing and I looked down at the ring and smiled when the show ended we waited for the guys to get finished up and they joined us. we enjoy the fair before we parted and headed to the next show. A few hours went by of talkin playing games enjoying rides and it was about time for us all to say our good nights. we all went our different ways and me and Jason stood there. "Baby, I'm so happy." Jason said "Me too babe, me too." I said. we headed to the bus and Jason helped the guys get things cleaned up so I decided I would call my mom and tell her about the big news, when she heard I knew she was happy and she was crying. So we talked for a little while before we said our good byes. Jason joined me on the bus and he took a shower and we headed to bed.

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