Chapter 7

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It had been about a month since the last meet up with the other school, and Changbin was still salty about the whole ordeal of having to go to the camp. Yep, still.

He had finally stopped begging his mum not to go, partly because he was sick of the fake, whiny voice that he used to annoy her, but mostly because he was afraid that she would strangle him if he kept going any longer. But he wasn't going to admit that he was terrified of his mum to anyone, he was the dark Changbin. The one that was afraid of nothing.

No one else in the school knew that, but he liked to pretend.

Changbin was completely zoned out in class, staring at a wall and thinking about nothing in particular. Then he started thinking about the kid that Yeri sat next to when they visited the other school. He remembered his deep voice and his cute freckles. Wait... Cute? 'Stop it Changbin, you're not going soft for some stupid kid you can't remember the name or face of!' He internally scolded himself.

"Changbin, are you listening?" The teacher asked impatiently.

"Uhh.. No...?"

The teacher sighed. "I said, unfortunately the camp does not have enough cabins for all of us, so some of you are going to have roommates from the other school. (A/N I can't think of a name for the schools, okay dont judge me 😂)

"U-uhh okay miss."

'Dammit Changbin, why did you stutter? Now the whole class knows that you are an idiot and they must be laughing at me! So much for Dark Changbin I guess..." But when Changbin looked around the room, his classmates expressions were normal. By normal, he means bored.




I hope I get to roommate with that guy...


"We're sorry for the inconvenience."


Felix had just been told that they would have to be roomies with the other school. He almost squealed when he heard the news, but refrained himself. He was still known as the new kid, he still didn't want to make a bad impression.

*time skip bc I'm lazy*

When Felix walked in the door, he was greeted by his cat, Max. He had gotten him about 2 weeks ago, and they were already inseperable. The grey tabby purred and nudged Felix's leg.

"Aww c'mere Maxie Waxie... Wait no that sounds weird. Maybe just Max will do for now." Felix said. He scooped the cat into his arms and pet his head as he walked into the dining room. "Hey mum, hey dad." His parents looked up and smiled grimly.

"Hi honey." Felix's mum said. She turned to Mr Lee and whispered something. Unfortunately, Felix heard. 'You tell him, I can't do it.'

"Well.. I'm sorry son, I know you were really excited. But you can't go on the school camp."

Felix dropped Max.


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