"Got a Fan Pregnant" Prank

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"I dont really know how to do this intro shit so um yea. Anyways yall im bout to prank Jas for the first time ever! Her lul hoe ass always prankin a nigga so i decided im gon get her ass back with the "i got a fan pregnant prank" because i wanna see how she gon react.

"So right now she in my room layin down. She said she was gon try to take a nap but i doubt she sleep. I already have a camera set up from earlier.

"Basically imma be like i fucked a hoe while on tour and she contacted my manager and shit and now she pregnant boom! Alright lets start!"

I went in the room and saw her layin down scrollin through instagram. I sat on the edge of the bed and stared off into space to make it seem like somethin was wrong with me.

"Whats wrong with you Nick?", she asked. I said nothin so she pulled me backwards on the bed and scooted closer.

"I said whats wrong."
"I may or may not have did somethin that might well i wouldnt say ruin my career but slow me down."
"Omg Nick what the hell did you do?"

"I uhhh. Umm ion know."
"Stop fuckin playin with me and tell dude."
"Ok i got somebody pregnant DAMN! All up over here."

"Boy i will smack the shit out of you dont play with me like that. When did this happen?"

"While on tour in Mississippi i had fooled with this fine ass girl. I know i didnt use condom so-"

"Hold up! What the fuck, stupid?!? Now tell me in what part of yo mind did you think that was okay the idiotic part or the dumbass part you fuckin retard!!??!?! You couldve gotten a disease and i would say get somebody pregnant but looks like you already did. How do you know all this?"

"Because i remember thinkin why i aint use no condom so i remember her face. So she called our management people and told them to let me know she was pregnant and its most definitely mine. At this point i might consider tryin to force her to get an abortion."

"Bitch what the fuck is wrong with you!?! Lemme tell you somethin, i know you might think this shit is life ruinin but dont be selfish. That girl probably goin through worse than you especially since she the one who gotta birth. You dont know what kinda situation she in. So its just fuck that baby now huh? A person who aint ever got to live life because some dumbass like you want to get rid of it!"

"Well it aint yo choice to make because i shot her egg so guess what its my seed! My nut equals my kid! If i wanna get rid of it i will!"

"That aint yo choice either because it aint yo fuckin body Nicholas! Think dumbass! You aint the one pregnant idiot! What you gon do, put yo 30 clip mac on her back and force her to get an abortion!?! You fuckin idiot!"

I laughed i couldnt hold it in. This girl really just played my music. I hope thats not how i sound.

"What the fuck are you laughin for Nicholas? Aint shit funny. You aint finna be laughin when i clock yo ass upside the head."

"Girl you aint gon clock shit! Anyways this was a prank lul girl. Dont fuckin play me like i get abortions as a habit steady sayin my full government name! Steady talkin bout some "Nicholas", headass."

"I fuckin hate you dude! Bout time you got me back tho ugly ass."

"You know you love me."

"I do. But dont be, just dont. Thats all i got to say. I thought when you said somebody you was talkin bout Kayliee and i was gon beat yo ass and cry because i cant beat her ass."

"You know there is a camera in my hand right?"

"You do know i dont care right? Plus we already went through this how bout we both save some time huh?"

This girl is somethin else. She just do not give a fuck. I like that.

"Anyways we up out this bitch! I aint got no fuckin baby and i pranked this hoe here! I aint even gon front i know she gon get my ass back so stay fuckin tuned and we gon post whenever the fuck we want to! Peace!"

Im gettin lazier and lazier each chapter😂! Dont feel like doin the comments sooooo✌!

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