Blaire Pierce

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Is it too much to ask for a year with no drama?

Well apparently yes, and all because I bumped into him.

"Princess, you're gonna be late for school." Mom yelled.

I came out of my room to see my parents kissing.

"Hello, daughter in the room." I said while covering my eyes, they pulled away and just chuckled.

"Your mom pulled me into a kiss, I told her to wait, but you know she just can't resist your dad." He fake sighed.

"You two need to chill." I retorted.

"We're good " Mom chuckled.

"Well, senior year here I come."

"Stay away from guys, they're bad for the soul." Dad said to me.

"Ignore your dad." Mom said, I just waved goodbye then left.

"Hopefully she's lucky in love." Mom said to dad.

"I hope so too." He said before pulling her into a kiss.

"Where's, sissy?" My baby brother asked.

Meet my baby brother, Zack Pierce. He's four years old.

 He's four years old

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"She just left." Mom said to him.

"No bye for me." He pouted.

"Ah, I knew I was forgetting something." I said while opening the door and ran towards my baby bro.

"I'll see you later, munchkin." I said before giving him a big kiss on his cheek.

"I love you sissy."

"I love you more." I pinched his cheeks then I left.

"I'm hungry." He said to them, they just chuckled.


Once i arrived I went to my locker, grabbed my books and was met by my two best friends.

"Hey puta." Hazel said before eating her churro.

"I missed you." Marina said while hugging me.

"You saw me yesterday." I chuckled.

"Shh, don't ruin my moment." She said making us laugh.

"Hey girls." Liam and Lauro said while wrapping their arms around their girlfriends.

Liam is Marina's boyfriend, And Lauro is Hazel's boyfriend.

I'm fine being single, boyfriends just bring drama, and that's something I don't want.

"My friend still wants to take you on a date." Liam said to me.

"Not interested." I said before leaving.
"Damn, didn't think she was still pissed cause of the Jace thing." Lauro said.

I had a boyfriend last year, we lasted four months. Then I caught him cheating on me with one of the cheerleaders. I dropped his ass. Since then I decided boyfriends were a big no.

"I never liked him, he gave me a bad vibe." Hazel said to them.

"Same, hopefully she meets someone new." Marina said.


Lunch time came and we were all sitting enjoying lunch. Then one of the popular girl came to our table.

"Look everyone, the rejects table." She said as everyone started to laugh.

"You want to meet my fist." I said while getting up.

"Ohh, so scared." She said before I slapped her.

"I said leave me alone, I don't have time for you and your stupid ass." I said before going back to my seat.

"You bitch." She yelled.

"Yes you are, now run along." I said, then She stormed out.

Rule number one, you bug me I'll give you a warning, number two, you bug me again and my fist will meet you.

I have my dad's temper, and dad along with Hazel and Marina's dad's, taught us how to defend ourselves.

The five of us have been best friends since diapers, these four crazy people mean the world to me.

"Damn, that was awesome." Liam said to me.

"Is it too much to ask for a year with no drama." I sighed.

"It's high school, there's always drama." Marina said  making us chuckled.

"Well, next time we're shaving her head." Hazel said with an evil grin. She's crazy.


After school I went home and just as I was closing the door, I got I attacked by Zack.

"Sissy, watch batman with me?"

I don't like those movies, but I watched them cause I love this little munchkin.

"You got it." I said while getting up with him. I put him on the floor and he went to put the movie.

"How was first day of senior year." Mom asked me.

"It was normal." I shrugged.

"Well, Normal is good. And did you really had to slap that girl?" She asked while raising an eyebrow. "Principal called."

"Well, she asked for it. I can't stand crazy girls who think they're better cause they belong to the populars."

"Yeah, I hated the popular at school, well you have your friends, so hang in there. Senior is almost over."

"Mom, senior year just started." I retorted.

"I know, but it seemed the right thing to say." She said making me laugh.

"Let's watch batman with your brother." She said as we started to walk to the couch.

"Batman, I'm in." Dad said while coming out of his room.

I love family moments like these, enjoy your family, one day they will not be here and you will regret it.

To be continued..

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