Chapter Three

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After that day, the week went by pretty fast. I was forward to the double date. Kirishima and I never went on an official date so this'll be fun.

"Are you ready for later Kiri?" I asked him.

"Mhm! I can't wait!" He did a closed-eye smile and it melted me. He was so adorable.

"Hello guys!" Deku walked over. "Don't forget about the date later tonight!" He reminded us.

"We know Deku. We were just talking about that. Where are we going to eat by the way?" I asked.

"We're going to a restaurant that you probably never heard of before. It's within walking distance from the park and it isn't that expensive so you won't need to bring your money. I can pay for everyone." He did a closed-eye smile too. Ew.

I wondered if I should accept the fact that he was going to pay for us or keep my pride. I'll still have pride after this. "Alright. I won't bring money."

"Good. Also, don't bring your phones. It'll be distracting and we're planning on playing some games at the park and it'll be hard to play games if you're on your phone the entire time, wouldn't it?" Something about the way he said that sounded off.

"Okay. That's an easy rule, right Bakugou?" Kirishima told him. I nodded. I started to think that this date was a bad idea but Kiri seemed so excited about it so I couldn't just tell him that I'm not going when it's in a few hours.

"Yeah. I'll leave my phone in my dorm." I stared suspiciously at Deku until he walked away like nothing happened. Weird...


I banged my fist against Kirishima's door. "Open up! It's almost time to leave!"

"I'm still getting ready!" I heard his voice through the door. "Don't come in! Isn't it like bad luck to see your date before a date?"

"You're thinking of fiancé's and weddings. It's a date, not a wedding." I reminded him but I stayed outside of him dorm and waited patiently until he walked out and I was amazed. His hair was down and he was wearing a nice t-shirt with jeans.

"Is something wrong?" He tilted his head.

"Nope! Not at all! Let's go." I stood up and grabbed his hand before we left the building. Deku told us not to bring anything at all so we didn't bring our scooters. Something very suspicious was happening. I brought my phone, dispite what Deku or Kirishima said. I hid it in a pocket that I had sewn in my shirt for this very reason. I just didn't trust this situation.

"I have a bad feeling aboit this." I decided to share my conserns to Kirishima.

"What?" He looked at me.

"I have a bad feeling about this date. Something feels off." I shrugged and looked down.

"O-Oh. We can cancel it if you want." I could hear the disappointment in his voice.

"No! I never said that I didn't want to go now did I Shitty Hair? We're going whether you like it or not." I gripped his hand tighter and walked faster.

I could feel the smile radiating off of him as we continued walking. "Thanks Bakugou."

"Tch, well, I know that this date means a lot to you. You've been looking forward to it since we left the park." I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah." I looked at him and smiled.

"Your hair is so fucking adorable."

He blushed a little. "We-well, you seemed to like it a while ago so I decided to have it down for tonight."

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