♡The Cinema♡

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Note: In this imagine, Michael is not famous.


You walked into the cinema, a tired look on your face. After enough convincing on your mother's part - you had finally agreed to go to the movies on your own - just to distract yourself from all the stress of the day.

Depression and anxiety had managed to take a heavy toll on you, and this mode of relaxing was much needed. The smell of popcorn filled your nostrils, making you smile slightly. The cinema was always a place of good memories.

Walking up to the main counter, your eyes widened when you saw a handsome man standing there - waiting to serve you.

"Hi," he grinned.

His features were incredibly mesmerizing. He had big eyes, and caramel skin. He was tall, and he reeked of fresh mint. You had to look away to stop yourself from blushing.

"Hi," you bit your lip before bringing your eyes back to meet his again.

"Can I help you?"

Yes, tell me your name.

"Uh...yeah...I'll have a small popcorn combo," you caught your breath.

The man smiled and made his way over to the popcorn station. You watched him as he exchanged comments with his friends, laughing as well. You had to admit - everything about him was enchanting.

Once your order was ready, he walked up and set the items before you.

"That'll be $11.50," he informed you.

You nodded and fished out a twenty dollar note from your bag. He took your money and registered it before handing you your change.

You took the change, but frowned when you noticed that he had written something on the back of the receipt.

Funny, I didn't notice him do that.

You read the words.

You're extremely beautiful, and I was too shy to tell you to your face. But if you give me your number, perhaps I could get to know you better - and finally muster the courage to tell you how beautiful you are...to your face, of course.


You laughed and turned to look at the man, only to see him biting his lip shyly. You walked back up to the counter and scribbled down your number onto the receipt - handing it to him. He took it with slightly widened eyes. You could tell that he admired you a great deal.

"My name's (Y/N)," you smiled. "If you can remember it, then I may consider your offer to be a genuine one," you laughed a little before walking off.

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