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Iris' P.O.V

I should be used to this, life has let me down enough for this to feel like any other time it did. I wish that was the case, this hurts more than anything ever has. I let him slip out of my hands, I have no idea what so ever if Johnny's dad is even a good person. I seen Johnny he seemed happy, I bet he was treating him better than I ever was. I want to go get him back, my heart needs him. I want forget this ever happened, I feel like just dying ever time I recall the way he shouted at me. That man (Johnny's father) really called me my dad's daughter, I know this sounds so dumb, but I'm not. I hate that man, everything good I ever had he took away, like my mother and now Johnny. My heart is in so much pain, words can't describe. Harry asked me to go out, I wanted to say 'no', but my father is at my house and I don't want to see him. 

"Iris please get some strength we will get through this", Harry says putting his hand on mine that happens to be placed on the glove box diving the driver between the front seat. 

"Harry don't feel like this is your problem", I mumble. 

I can't keep the act on, I'm trying my best to right now. Harry is getting 50% of the 'real' me right now, that hasn't happened in years that I showed anyone that side of me. It feels weird, the stress in my back looseness from not having to keep thinking about what I'm going to have to say or fight back with. 

"Iris your my friend and really care for you, so yes it does concern me", He argues. 

"Thanks that means a lot", The words slip from my mouth. 

"Never heard you thank me before", He smirks. 

"Whatever", I say trying my best to be the me I usually am by Harry. 

"That's my mom's house", Harry smiles like a baby. 

It's quite sweet and heart warming, I wish I could do the same if I were to see my mother's house. I'd probably just run away, or punch someone knowing myself. I'm not sure who I would punch and why I would punch them, but I would. I don't like being talked to when I'm in a bad mood, which is why I would say that knowing going to see my mother would piss me off. It's weird though I'm in a horrible mood right now and I still don't mind talking to Harry. 

"Would you like to meet her?" He asks with his thick accent. 

"Harry you don't want me to do that", I warn. 

"It's alright I'm sure she will love you", He says running his hands through his long curls. 

"Harry I'm just not up to talk to anyone", I say. 

"Are you ever?" He laughs. 

"No", I answer truthfully. 

"Come on! She will put a smile on your face and she makes great pie!" He says with a smile curling his lip. 

I want to smile looking at how cute he is talking about his mother. Growing up I'd always wanted to be a mother then, once my mom left it lost it's spark. I can't love any damn person, it really hurts to think.

"If I agree will you shut up?" I say rolling my eyes. 

"Sure", He laughs. 

Harry politely opens the car door for me and I slowly make my way out. Harry's home in Holmes Chapel is beautiful, well I guess it's his mother's house. I've always wanted to live somewhere like Holmes Chapel, it's quite the village. I mean I hardly knew of it until a few days ago because I've been living in London my whole life. Harry knocks on the door ruffling his hair for the hundredth time today. I have hair longer than Harry's and don't do it as often as he does. 

"Baby!" I hear a woman shout hugging Harry. 

Harry hugs he passionately as she rubs little circles on his back. I want to assume that is his mother, but I don't want to rush into it. Weather thats his mother or not I wish someone would hug me like that. I wish someone arms would wrap around me and help me forget pain from the past. I know this whole 'I don't need a man' thing is quite popular and all, but that is not what I mean. I want it to be anyone like perhaps a grandma, mine past a few weeks after I was born and my dad's mom did as well, but that is just an example. 

"Harry who's your friend?" She smiles once she sees me. 

"Mom this is Iris, Iris this is my mother Anne", He says introducing us. 

"Nice to meet you", I say shaking the hand she had out for me to shake. 

"You as well. Oh lord you're so beautiful", She compliments. 

"That goes back to you", I smile. 

She's so nice, I can't be mean. I want to be but than I would just seem like a rude freaking person.

"Oh look who auntie Anne invited", I hear a few boys say as soon as they see Harry. 

Harry's face is blank, his jaw is clenched, the green color in his eyes is flaring. I've never seen Harry look that pissed. 

"Oh and he brought another girl home", He laughs. 

"Jack stop", Anne warns. 

Who the hell is Jack? Why does Harry seem to hate him? Jack's words stung me in my heart, for a second I almost forgot that Harry was just another guy who loves a bunch of girls. I feel special for a minute than it goes away, that's how everything in my life works anyways. 

"She's cute though", He says lifting a strand of my hair. 

Does he really think that was ok? He crossed it, his nasty hands should be kept to themselves. 

"Get your damn hands off me", I say through my teeth. 

"Oo she's feisty", He laughs. 

"If you think I'm joking you're wrong!" I warn. 

I was trying to keep quiet due to Anne being there, but I can only care for so long. 

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