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This story is for @ActTasLam and @RealOttoVonBismarck, they wanted a story on Yukari, and another on Erwin, so as I promised here you go.


I was walking through the carrier looking for Anzu. We had agreed to meet up near the school but you were having a hard time finding it. You see a girl with brown hair wearing what seems like a school uniform. You walk up to her and look at her in her Dark brown eye's while she stared into your E/c colored eyes. 

Excuse me but do you know where the school is?

??? "Actually I'm on my way their now, but how come? You don't have a school uniform and plus I haven't seen you around here before."

Actually I'm looking for one of my friends. We agreed to meet up at the school and i got a little lost. 

??? "Oh well follow me then, it's not much further. My name is Yukari Akiyama. I'm a student at Ooari girls academy."

Oh, she the one that Anzu was telling me about. She's the one who loves tanks and seems like she enjoys it on more than love. You thought while you told her your name and started walking with her. 

So by any chance do you like tanks?

Yukari "Oh I love tanks, you like them to right?"

Love them, my personal favorite is probably the ( Favorite tank ). But if we are talking about power over speed, then I would have to go with the Panzer VIII Maus. 

Yukari "Actually I know how to work almost any part of the Panzer IV. I can't drive but I'm really good at loading the gun."

Wait, you're on the tankery team here at ORI, right?

Yukari "Yeah, but how did you know that?"

Actually my fri-

??? "Yukari!!!!"

You looked and saw a girl wearing a general coat over her school uniform. She was also wearing a general hat on top of her blonde hair. 

??? "Yukari who's the boy? I've never seen him around here before."

The wait is that a cap modeled after the cap worn by Erwin Rommel? If I'm correct the jacket is also from the Afrika Corps.

She just looked at you with her Brown eyes. She then had a smile appeared across her face.

??? "So it seems that you know your stuff on history. You also have a keen eye for stuff like this apparently, my name is Erwin."

Names Y/n, Y/n L/n and I was walking with Yukari because she was on her way to the school and I was supposed to meet my friend there. 

Erwin "Well we're only about a block away from the school so we shouldn't take much longer."

The rest of the walk was filled with laughs and smiles. When you got to the gate you saw Anzu waiting there.


She turned around and looked at you before running towards you and pulling you into a hug.

Anzu "How long has it been?"

It's been at least 4 years too long. I got lost here but those two helped me get here.

You then pointed to Yukari and Erwin who was looking at you with eyes of shock.

Anzu "Thanks for helping my friend here guys. I'll see you guys later, for now, if you need something I'll be in the student council room."

She then dragged you off and brought you through the school to the student council room. But she stopped outside the door for some reason and went inside. You heard some talking before she told you to come in and when you did you saw some of her friends who you recognized.

Well, this is gonna be interesting You thought as you closed the door behind you as you entered the room.

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