Chapter 11 (COMPLETED)

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Chapter 11

Hazelfur rushed over to Lizardheart with herbs tightly in her jaws. He had tripped in a mouse hole while on patrol and had sprained his paw. Lizardheart was laying down beside Pebblepelt, who was cleaning his ruffled fur. Hazelfur bent down and started putting comfrey on it, just in case. Other than that, he would have to stay off of it for at least three days.

   "Okay, go in your nest and stay there until I say so." she ordered the warrior. "And if you have to go to the dirt place, stay off of it, even though it might not hurt." Pebblepelt got up and helped Lizardheart to his feet, and helped him to his nest. There might be new kits soon, thought Hazelfur with a rush of warmth. And mine....

   "Hello, Hazelfur." mewed Frostail. "Um, can you come out into the forest? I-I need to tell you something..." he stammered.

   "Of course I'll help you with gathering herbs!" Hazelfur mewed loudly. She noticed cats looking sad or uncertain in their direction."We can't let anyone know about us!" she hissed in a lower whisper. Frostail nodded and they left the camp. Quite a ways away from spying cats, they stopped in the middle of the forest.

   "What?" mewed Hazelfur.

   "I, um... accidentally told one cat about us..." he trailed off and looked at his paws. Hazelfur looked at him in horror and rage.

   "Who?" was all she said.

   "I- um... Badgerfur. And she must've told every cat! I'm sorry!" he wailed.

   "It's fine! I'll just pretend it was all a joke and I'll pretend to be furious with you."

   "So you’re not angry?" Frostail mewed hopefully.

   "Of course I am!" she swatted him with her tail gently. "But that's not the point right now. The point is that we make all the cats believe it was a joke. Now go start with Badgerfur!" He raced off to the camp. Hazelfur started searching for dock, while she was out here. Suddenly she felt a hard stab in her side. She whipped around to find a huge gray tom with a long scar down his side and one of his ears were missing.

   "Ravenscar!" she hissed. "What do you want?"

   "I have come to tell you that your precious clan is about to be destroyed." He lashed out at her with an unsheathed paw, but Hazelfur ducked. Hazelfur tried to hit a blow to his eye but missed as he quickly ducked and shot forward, making all the air from her lungs disappear. He jumped on her and pinned her to ground.

   "Typical Rippleclan." he mocked. "Can't you learn some decent moves?" Hazelfur struggled to get out of his grasp. But the gray tom only dug his claws deeper into her shoulders and belly. She growled at him, and quickly lunged forward and grasped his throat in her jaws. He hissed in pain and jumped off of Hazelfur and tried to stop the blood flowing out of his wound.

   "You will never destroy Rippleclan!" she hissed and raked her extended claws against his eyes, and he screeched in fury and he began to disappear.

   "Watch out, kittypet." Ravenscar warned. "You will perish under the Dark Forest's claws..." he mewed his final words and disappeared back to the Dark Forest.

   Hazelfur headed back to the camp. She had a deep scratch on her hind leg where he had raked her, and punctures on her belly and shoulders. She limped back to her den, careful to not let anyone see her wounds. She had grabbed the dock before she left. Hazelfur was unfortunate to not let anyone see, because Rabbitstar quickly ran into her den.

   "What happened, Hazelfur?" he mewed shocked. "Did you fall in a bramble bush?" Hazelfur nodded. She couldn't let the clan know the Dark Forest warriors had broken into the real world.

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