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I like silence. It calms me. It makes me more productive. Oh and darkness is soothing too, but sadly I can't write in the dark, that's why I mostly write on my phone. It helps. But honestly, why are people so loud?? How am I supposed to work? Or focus on anything with the TV on and people chattering insanely loud. I just want to go somewhere remote where silence is deafening. Whoever said the words 'silence is golden' was a freaking genius.

I pull out my phone, snuggle in bed with the lights off and open a fresh Google document.

Now what??

My eyebrows furrow as I stare blankly at the white screen.

Now what? I'm a writer. I'm supposed to write? Why aren't the words coming out? Ugh!

A song plays somewhere in the distance. The TV is on again. I didn't turn it on. I never turn it on. It just does. Everything is mocking me. My need for silence is urgent.

I rummage through the drawer next to my bed, looking for my ear plugs. I couldn've just turned the TV off , but it never works. It gets on again and again and again. They don't want me to write. They hate me. I'm their slave. I hear the cackling laughs, but I shove the plugs in my ears violently.

A scream erupts from my throat as a shot of excruciating pain burns the sides of my head.  But I can't hear my own voice. The pain is searing, melting my eardrums. What happened? I scream again. Nothing! Did I lose my voice?  No! Stupid!

As the pain starts to subside, I realize that I've gotten what I wished for.


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#The practice was to focus on writing anything that comes to mind in exactly 15 minutes

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