Prolouge part 1

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3 days ago~

3rd (POV)

"MOMMY MOMMY WAKE UP!!" Screamed Daniel the three year old son of six and seven as he tugged on his mothers hair. "Ugh five more minutes..." six mumbled still half asleep. Daniel grumbled then climbed on top of his mother and started shaking her. "WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!" The three year old chanted as he shook his mother. "Hehe ok ok I'm up..." said six kissing Daniel on the cheek. "*yawn* could you please go tell daddy to make coffee honey..." said six with a big old yawn. "Ok!!" Daniel said excitedly running out of his parents bedroom towards the kitchen. Not even one minute later Daniel came running back to six while giggling. "Heheh what's so funny?" Said six giving her son a sweet smile. "Daddy's funny!!" Giggled Daniel.

"Really, What did daddy do?" Six asked in a playful manor. "He slipped and bonked his head and his neck made a little cracking sound and now he's asleep!!" Daniel giggled. "WHAT?!" Six screamed leaping out of bed and sprinting toward the kitchen. Sure enough their was her Husband lying on the floor while holding a coffee mug. "SEVEN OH MY GOD ARE YOU OK?!" Six screamed getting on her knees and lifting sevens head. "Ugh I'm fine six I'm fine..." seven said rubbing the back of his head. "Oh good..." said six kissing seven on the cheek then helping  him get to his feet. "Mommy why is daddy acting like such a fagg$t?" Daniel asked tugging on his moms night gown. "I don't know, why are you acting like such a fagg$t seven?" Six asked facing seven with a smirk on her face. "Uhhhh well, Ooh look sesame streets on!!" Seven yelled pointing at the TV. "ELMO!!" Daniel screamed running out of the kitchen at sonic speed. (Best parents 2018👌) "Um seven that's not Sesame Street..." mumbled six. "What do you mean it's not Sesame stre-AAAH NO SON NO!!!" Seven screamed rushing into the living room and turning off the TV. "Daddy who's Howard the alien?" Daniel asked. "Trust me you don't need to know..." seven awkwardly mumbled.

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"Daddy I'm not feeling well..." Daniel groaned while gripping his stomach. "Awww did you have to much to eat?" Seven said picking up his son and rubbing circles on his back. "I'm hungry..." Daniel groaned. "Oh I'll make you some breakfast ok?" Seven said kissing Daniel on the forehead and setting him down. "Ok..." Daniel mumbled.

2 hours later~

"I NEED MORE FOOD!!" Daniel screamed squirming around in his high chair. "BOY!! THEIRS NO FOOD LEFT!!!" Seven screamed becoming freaking kratos from god of war for a second. "IM SO HUNGRY!!" Daniel screamed clutching his stomach while crying. "Looks like he's inherited your hunger..." said seven while glancing at his wife. "Yeah, and it worries me..." six mumbled while holding a concerned expression...


Author: OMG I missed this book so much, anyways this book probably won't have an official cover until tomorrow, just thought I'd let you guys know

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