Chapter 9: ...Fine! I admit it!

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After that hectic night, I took a long bath and was on my bed in a bathrobe remembering how I got all the attention from all 4 Royal families that Sera was meant to have. I chuckle at the memory of my so-called family and their sullen faces, ah such joy.

I'm glad that the night ended without 4 families declaring war on one another and everyone left with so many rumours ready to spread, which is good for me because that'll spread my value and importance in society. However, before the 3 princes left they told me I would see them soon. The chilly night finally got to me, I got off the bed and approached the closet I stripped of the only thing protecting my bare body from the chilly air, I should probably wear that PJ with fur inside "Uhm big brother I'm coming in!" and in came Ken in his silk PJ only to see me bare naked "oh Ken what's up" wasn't bothered about my naked state.

"B-brother why are you naked?" as he covers his face "oh I just got out of the bath was about to change "I-I'll leave you to change" he was about to leave until I called out "Ken don't leave" he paused himself before grabbing the door handle "just stay here we're brothers after all" as I slowly approached him "y-yeah but still I don't think I should be here" I'm lost with this boy he's always shy during the oddest situation ever, we're brothers after all I mean if I saw him naked I wouldn't be as shy. An image of Ken's naked body appeared in my head and I immediately got embarrassed and flustered, a-anyway it doesn't matter.

 "It doesn't matter if it's you I don't mind being seen naked" as he starts to remove his hands "r-really?" and with a smile, I responded "of course because it's you after all" as I start to pull out my warm PJs.

Boldly Ken watched me change into my underwear to my PJs with a gulp "b-brother! I'm going to quickly use your bathroom" he rushes in "oh okay Ken" I saw him dash with a flush face which made me think he was just so cute.

After changing, I got into my bed and started waiting for Ken but he sure was taking a while. Maybe a stomach ache?, I pulled out a book that I keep inside my bedside drawer, it's a book that was I Edna gave me, it's called Ni No Kuni.

As I flipped through the pages I finally heard the bathroom door open "Ken are you alright? did your stomach hurt?" he shakes his head from side to side.

"I'm alright" I smile at his answer "that's good news" as I scoot up to make space on the bed "come on, you were planning to sleep here tonight right?" he nodded his head and made his under the silky cover.

I placed the book away in the drawer and turned off the lamp "good night Ken" as I pecked him on the forehead "good night... Alex" he whispers as fell asleep together in each other's arms.

The next day.

It was a quiet breakfast which was rather unusual since usually either Sera or my parent would be complaining about something indirectly at me, but this time there was nothing to talk about, I guess last night was just what I needed to get them quiet.

However, the silence was immediately broken when Edna entered the dining room with three red sealed letters, "master these letters are for the young lords and lady" as she handed the letters to father, one look at the sender's name he hands it back to Edna "distribute them around" Edna immediately handed around one letter to each of us.

I looked at the sender's name to see it was sent by Magi Academy, I opened the letter with care to see the top bold letters 'You Have Been Accepted' I was confused I don't recall applying for the academy, father cleared his throat loudly and stood up from his seat "the three of you will attending the famous Magi Academy, you're mother and I expect you to spend a good three years there to hone and master your magical abilities as well as acing your studies of course" I was so confused.

Why did applied me up for the academy as well? doesn't he hate me?

"Of course father, I'll make you proud," Sera says proudly, girl the only thing you're going to be doing is playing around with a whole bunch of guys, forget about study or magic you just want someone to accompany you at night.

I sigh bitterly at the thought, "Sera and Ken will be joining as first years and spend three years in the dorm so that you can learn how to be a bit more independent, as for Alex since you'll be joining late as a second year... two years in the dorm so that you can learn to be more-"

"Oh you don't have to worry about me being independent, after all, that was the first thing I learnt at a young age with no servants to aid me, I learnt how to cook my own meals, do my own washing, bathing, I even got a small part-time job to earn some money to buy my own books and clothes" as I drink my earl grey "thanks to my beloved family" I look at them ever so bitterly at them with a crooked smile.

They couldn't say anything and all they could do was play with their thumbs looking like a bunch of fools "THAT'S IT I HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR ARROGANT ATTITUDE!" as father slams his hands on the table causing his tea to spill, "YOU UNGRATEFUL BRAT YOU SHOULD BE GLAD I EVEN DECIDED TO BRING YOU IN THIS HOUSEHOLD INSTEAD OF ABANDONING YOU ON THE STREETS! IF IT WASN'T FOR ME! YOU WOULDN'T BE ALIVE!" I laughed at his words.

Sera stood up from her seat "don't you dare laugh! you know it's true! that's why you should be grateful father took you in despite your disgusting blood" I laugh even harder at their words "w-what's so funny you brat" mother says spitefully.

"Because didn't you bring me in out of your own convenience and desperate needs?" mother's and father's face became pale "w-what do you mean you, delusional child?" father tried to fight with words but he knows what I was talking about "for 5 years a certain married couple wasn't able to conceive a child, that's why they had decided to have a maid to have the man's child, of course, this was kept secret which was why when the child was born they claimed it was the fruit of their love. The maid, however, didn't end well for her, in order to prevent anyone from finding out the truth the married couple hired an assassin to kill her somewhere no one would find out"

As I stir my tea looking at my small reflection "you killed my biological mother" I whispered loud enough for them to hear "however, in the very same year of that child's birth miraculously they found out a pair of twins were on the way their true own flesh and blood, however they had another child as well, a half-blooded child, but they can't the child away from society for he was already announced the child as their flesh and blood" as I felt anger building up from my stomach.

"Which was why they tried to hide the child as much as they can until his existence was completely forgotten and made it seem the twin were the only children they have" as I picked up the tea and slowly poured it into the saucer "but they knew if they had the chance to do so, they would erase that child's existence" as I drop the cup into the saucer "isn't that right, mother and father" the two looked at me with guilt and had no words to say.

Just as I thought. I stood up from my seat and left the silent dining room to start packing.

End of chapter 9

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