Chapter 23.

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The doorbell rang. " I'll get it!" At Aj who was getting ready for our night out. I opened door to see the younger couple i was waiting for. " Hey Scoots ! Sup little Aj! Are you guys going to come inside or just stand there?" I joked. ( ScootaBloom. Yay? Nay? Should i be sorry?) You see AppleBloom and Scootaloo started dating a while after us. It would be weird for them since Aj and i are married but since Scoots isn't exactly my sister it's ok. They sat down on the couch and two little girls cane bursting trough the door. " Aunty AppleBloom ! Aunty Scootaloo!" They shouted while running to them to hug them. They just chuckled . " Now girls. Dash and i are going out. Be good girls ok?" Said Aj who just entered the room while kneeling infront of them . " Ok Mommy." They said in unison. Aj gave me a look that said 'let's go ' . I led her the door. I was dressed nicely. I tought it was a good time to bring 00-Dash back. Just before we walked out i quickly went to the bathroom room to make sure my hair wasn't a mess. I ran my fingers through my short, spiky hair. " Aww Yeah!" I said at my reflection. " I look AWESOME!" I said again. " Dash are ya coming or what?" Shouted the love of my life. " Coming!" I joined her as we opened the Front door. " Bye Mommy! Bye Momma! Have fun!" The girls said. " Bye sis! Don't worry we'll take good care of em. Right Scoots?" Said AB. Scootaloo planted a soft kiss on her cheek . " Of course we will." She said. We drove up. Me on the drivers seat and Aj beside me. " So where are we going?" She asked. " It's a suprise." She smiled. And kissed my cheek. " Well ah can't wait." She said.
~Time Skip~
I drove to a hill just above sweet apple acres. This was where we had our first date. And this was just the beginning of the night. " Aj look!" I said pointing at the beautiful sunset. She couldn't tear her eyes away from it. I chuckled. I picked a blanket and some food from the car. I set the stuff down. I brought some drinks. The actual dinner will be at a fancy restaurant. She sat down next to me. And we started sipping our drinks. We had some cider i got from Big Mac a while ago. She leaned against my shoulder and we watched the sunset in silence. Until i broke the silence. " Hey aj?" " Yeah?" " You know how i used to call you Princess?" " Yeah?" " Well i just realized that i can't call you that anymore." She started to worry a little. She quickly pulled away. " What!?! why?!?" She asked. I pulled her in for a hug after i set my bottle aside. " Because you're my Queen now." I said. She smiled . I pulled away and tried to kiss her. She pushed my head away with her hand. " Ya dork." She said while giggling. " Well i'm your dork." I smiled. Then showed her our marriage ring while giving her a creepy smile. " FOREVER!!" She laughed. I started laughing with her. After it started to get a little dark we decided to head to our next destination. " This was so fun Dash. Thanks." " Ohohoho. This was just the beginning. There's more!" I said. She was socked. We talked foe a while . " You know, you always call me Dash but you're a Dash yourself. " i said. She smiled. " What? lol" " Hey DASH! Were here." I said at her trying to annoy her. " Well then let's get out DORK." She said. " Ok, ok. You got me Freckles. I said as i opened the door of the restaurant for her to go in. Oh have i told you what she was wearing? No? Well it was a nice two part dark green dress like thing. She also had her usual cowgirl boots and the unique stetson her Dad gave her when she was little. As usual her golden hair that reached a little bit under her chin was let loose. The thing is once she cut it she didn't bother to let it grow again. I think it was like magic for her. The fact that she didn't have to deal with that much hair . I'm ok with it. She looks really cute. Anyway we ordered our meals and waited. After dinner we were ready for the next stop.The last one.  I took her back to sweet apple acres and we started walking in the orchard. " Dash where are we going?" She asked me. I didn't reply. I just continued to pull her with me. I left her  there and walked to some busches nearby. " What are ya doing?" She asked. " Aj. Remember the time you told me about your parents and they three?" She nodded. " Well i though this would be a good idea."  I  moved some busches away and revealed the tree resembling her parents love. She gave me a confused look. I opened my hand and reveled some Zapp Apple seeds . " This is like the Symbol of OUR love. What do you say Freckles?" I said pointing at some gardening tools i asked Big Mac to leave there. She smiled. We started digging and planted the seeds next to her parents tree. After a while we were exhausted so we sat down on the blanket i brought. " Dash?" " Hmm?" " Thank ya for giving me a night this special. " she said. I smirked. " Well mind if i make this night even more special?" I asked. " How can you even do that?" She said. I hope FlutterShy is ready.  Soon you could hear some birds singing a soft melody. Once Upon a Dream from sleeping beauty . ( woah i think i've got some explaining to do. Well i think they kinda resemble the Prince and Aurora since Dash saved her from a curse . With kissing her. And the real Aj was kinda like asleep. You don't get it? Ok well i was thinking that and when i saw one of the Pinkie Tails on YouTube. ( slumber jack) i got even more inspired. ) i sat up and expanded my hand. " Wanna Dance?" I asked. " Ah would love to. " she said. I stared into her emerald eyes while dancing as she stared into my magenta ones.
So... long time no see? Hehe. I just hope you liked this chapter and didn't stop reading because i didn't update when i tought i would. It's just that i didn't do any homework all summer and now i have to do all of it because i have school the day after tomorrow. Yikes. Anyway i hope you had a wonderful day! Bye!

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