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Tears shed for another person isn't a sign of weakness;

It is a sign of a pure heart.

* * *


As the junior boy stood in their new venue, his eyes riveted the surrounding in blatant disdain of his confusion, and disapproval of the numerous discrepancies occurring right before his eyes.

Heavy techno music pulsed through the air, hitting Randall's eardrums and leaving a dull ringing there, accompanied by the howls and shouts of drunken teenagers dominating the dancefloor. As per usual, there were different types of people, including the notorious three; the ones who behaved like loose beasts on the dancefloor, the ones who were too preoccupied with having their faces sucked off than to even realize where they were, and finally, that one person that stood in the corner or a random area, seeming so awkwardly misplaced.

Randall frowned.

How did I even end up here?

On cue, another body bumped into his from the side, causing him to swivel to face the person to punch them square in the face. His plans never came to past though, when he met familiar cobalt ones. Their owner's lips were twisting into a coy smile, eyes ignited with a hint of mischievousness.

"Why are we here?"

Carter pouted at the permanent scowl on his companion's face. "Don't act like you ain't know, Randie. We be late for the movie, and there ain't anymore showing, so, why waste the evenin' when we can have fun somewhere else?"

"Need I remind you who made us late?" Randall retorted, shaking his head in exhaustion. His mind backtracked to about thirty minutes before, getting stuck in heavy traffic because Carter wasn't ready at 6:30 like he'd promised. As a result, it was no shock to find themselves a part of the heavy traffic queue that trademarked the start of a hectic evening; as it usually did on a Friday night.

"Don't be like that, alright? I'll make it up to your grumpy ass in a few." Carter firmly told him. "Besides, I canceled all my plans with Xan and Los to be with you. You and are bonded until the second I release you."

Randall snorted, clearly disgruntled. Still, he couldn't fight the blush staining his cheeks, yet again at the structure and insinuation of Carter's sentences. Turning his head back to the hotspot of hormonal teenage boys and girls, he hoped to conceal the annoying blotch of redness, for fear of the teasing that would be guaranteed to be encountered. "Right, whatever." he crossed his arms. For some reason, he felt cold, and the Imagine Dragons T-shirt he wore could only provide so much warmth.

"You cold?"

The question caught Randall off-guard, but he refused to show it as he snorted. "As if, Carter." he didn't give Carter a chance to reply as he then gestured to the room on the other side of the threshold. "So, are we going to stand here all night or get it over with?"

"We here to rock it, bro. No gettin' over nothin' 'cause we're staying 'till midnight..." reaching through the dark, Carter secured a hold around Randall's wrist, after which he offered him a sly smirk. "and I'm spending every waking moment of it with you."

Again, Randall blushed. Furiously.

Stop saying things you don't mean, you fücking man-whore.

Stop looking at me or I swear to God I'll punch you in the gut.

Oh, and get your hands off.

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