This is a story based of a mexican telenovela called "La Que No Podia Amar" In English it translates to "The One Who Couldn't Love" 

It all began in the leaf village. Rin had come back from looking for a job, when she saw the apartment owner inside. What are you doing here? she asked. Do you have my money he replied. No, but we will pay you, she said. I've been waiting a long time, if I can't get my money i got another solution. He grabbed Rin and tried kissing her. Get away from me! she said. She tried running but he blocked the door. She screamed for help. The owner said no ones going to hear you. She grabbed a flower vase and smashed it. You better get away from me before I cut you, Rin said. The owner laughed. Rin went for the door but the owner grabbed her again. She cut his hand. Look what you did to my hand, he said.

Rin ran outside and she saw her aunt. She ran towards her. Her aunt said what happened? The owner tried abuse me because we didn't pay the rent. Her aunt didn't believe her. She said lets go talk to him. No! I'm not going back in there with him, Rin said. She pulled Rin inside. Rin cut him for no reason, he said. Lair! You tried to abuse me, Rin replied.

Rins brother Kenji came in.

What happened? Kenji asked. This man tried to abuse me, Rin replied. Kenji was about to punch him but there aunt stopped him. The owner said I want you all out of here right now unless you pay the rent!

Later that day Kenji was walking when his friend said what's wrong? I need money for the rent, Kenji replied. I'll help you out if you do me a favor. What kind of favor? Kenji asked. You have to be in the look out. For what? he asked. You need money right. Yes, Kenji replied. I have a solution for your problem but you have to do it, he said. What is it that I have to do? Kenji replied. I'm going to rob a market and you'll have money to pay for the rent. No! Kenji said. It's the only way to let your family have a roof over there head. Kenji agreed. He put the mask on. Kenji entered first and was looking around. His friend pulled the gun out when the store owner pushed the 911 button and the bell rang and he ran. Kenji stayed behind.

The cops came and the store owner said that Kenji was helping him but keeping a watch. Kenji stayed quiet. They took him to jail.

The police called home and Rin answered the phone. The police officer said that Kenji was in the police station. Why! Rin asked. You have to come, the officer said. Rin's aunt said what happened? Kenji is in jail.

They rushed to the police station. Rin said I'm looking for my brother, his name is Kenji. He's here. Why did they arrest him? Rin asked. It says here he tried robbing a store. What?

Kenji came out and the store  owner said your a theif. I'm sorry, I won't do it again, Kenji said. 

A lawyer was watching. Rin was walking around when he came up to her and he said I'll help you. Rin was shocked. But we don't have any money, Rin said. Her aunt came and said what's going on? He wants to help us with Kenji's case, Rin replied it. Her aunt was happy. But I already told him that we don't have any money. Unless your one of those lawyers that don't charge, her aunt said. Yes, he said. 

Her aunt pushed Rin towards him. He said what's your name? Rin, what about yours? My name is Sasuke Uchiha.

Sasuke got the papers ready. That same day Kenji got out. They said thanks to Sasuke. Sasuke said but you still have to come back so you could talk to the police. 

Sasuke took them back to there apartment. He was about to leave when he heard Rin say that she needed to find a job. You could work for me, Sasuke said. No. but thanks, Rin said. Come on, at least hear me out, Sasuke replied. Okay, she said. It's not for me it's for a friend of mine, you could be his nurse, his name is Raiden Namikaze. That's great, your a good nurse, her aunt said. Where is it? Rin asked. It's at the lightning village, Sasuke replied. That far, Rin said. But it's the only job, the aunt said. So do you want to, Sasuke said. Okay, she said. But we have to leave today, Sasuke said. That's too far, Kenji said. Don't worry, I'll be fine, she replied. Rin started packing.

It took 3 days but they finally arrived at the ranch. Rin was looking around.

Get in the horse! Raiden demanded. No! Yukimaru said. Raiden was about to whip him when Rin said leave him alone! Who are you! Raiden asked. Rin, what about you. Raiden Namikaze, I'm the owner of this ranch.

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