Chapter 12

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The microwave clock read 4:15. Sid's phone hadn't rung all day long. He hasn't called, she thought. I'm not surprised. Nothing has changed. Sid grabbed her keys off the counter and left the house. She drove through town and, knowing she needed to make the next right to go where she intended, kept going and took the following right instead. She then made another right and then a left; she knew where these roads would take her but was still unsure if she actually wanted to go to that destination. Sid drove past Donnie's house and slammed her palm on the steering wheel. She circled the block a couple of times before deciding to park on the street in front of his house. Although she took the keys out of the ignition, Sid didn't move.

Donnie still lived with his mom and probably worked some dead-end job; not exactly what Sid had pictured for him, but she was unsure what exactly she had expected him to do anyway, especially because he never knew, either. Suddenly, Donnie walked out of his house and, just as suddenly, Sid got out of her car and started towards him.

"Hey Sid, what are you doing here?" Donnie questioned, a little startled.

"You didn't call."

"Sorry. Turned out to be a busier day than I expected." Being scrutinized under Sid's intense stare made Donnie shift uncomfortably. "Do you want to go grab dinner?" he offered.


"I was gonna head over to the Oasis."

"Jake bartends there. I don't feel like seeing anyone else."

"Okay. I know a place out of town by some docks. No one you know goes there."

"That sounds alright," Sid said.

They climbed into Donnie's truck and drove in silence. Even though this was a new truck, it still reminded Sid of Donnie's old one and riding in it felt like the last time she had ridden in his truck—prom night. At least Sid didn't have to worry about Donnie leaving her this time; she was the one about to leave in a few days.

Sid pulled a CD out of her bag and put it in the player without looking at Donnie and he raised an eyebrow but when the first song began to play, a knowing grin crept across his face.

"You still have this?" he asked.

"I found it while cleaning out the house. I still have your sweatshirt, too."

"Gnar," he smiled.

When they finally arrived at the restaurant, they were seated in the back corner away from the windows. Donnie apologized for the lame view but Sid brushed it off; the window made her feel on display.

"So, we drove out here because you didn't want to be seen with me in public?" Donnie asked after a beer and a Long Island Ice Tea were set in front of them.

"No. I'm just tired of dealing with people and questions and sympathy. Plus, I was really agitated you didn't call," she responded pointedly.

Donnie nodded.

"I like that I can still agitate you," he smirked devilishly. Sid frowned and shook her head. "How are things going?"

"Thank god, I'm pretty much done now. I just have to finish packing before I leave in a couple days."

"A couple days. Not much time," Donnie commented quietly.

"How've you been?"

"Good, I keep busy. The guys and I still hang out."

"Who's still around?"

"Well, Jake. Also, Trenton, Sewer Rat, and Mike from Big Red. We're doing some filming tomorrow."

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