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Long chapter ahead :P

• • •


I'm really worried now.

I haven't seen her until now. How long does it take to secure a cup?!

I sighed, deciding to go look for her myself. I bumped into Magnus, who grinned. "After we get this book, we should head out. I'm craving for some Tonkatsu."

"Hey, Magnus, have you seen Lydia? I haven't seen her in forever." I said.

He shook his head. "Haven't. Check the office?"

"Let's go," I nodded, and we headed over.

"Mmm, or maybe some ramen–"

I pushed the office door open, and gasped at the sight. My sister, on the floor, unconscious and unmoving. The table was smashed.


I was there by her side in an instant, checking for any injuries. Magnus pressed two fingers to the side of her neck.

When he nodded, I breathed out a sigh of relief. "Go get help." Magnus ran out of the room as I lifted up the sleeve and ran my stele over her iratze rune. Her eyebrows furrowed as she weakly opened her eyes.

"You're gonna be okay." I promised her.

"Hodge." She weakly stated.

• • •

"How's Lydia?" Clary asked as I approached the group who were crowded around a computer.

"Better." I replied. "Magnus is doing what he can to help her, but it's bad."

Alec sighed. "The Cup is definitely missing." He inhaled deeply. "So is Hodge."

"Maybe he was attacked, too." Izzy suggested.

"Maybe he's the one who attacked her." Jace said.

Izzy shut down the idea immediately. "Hodge? No way."

"We've known him our entire lives." I argued. "He would never do that to us."I

But then Izzy pulled up the footage and we saw Lydia being smacked onto a table, causing the table to break and for her to lose consciousness.

What shocked me the most was when the CCTV revealed Hodge, who reached down to grab the Cup. 

"I led him right to the cup."

I bet the look of betrayal was evident on our faces.

"We treated him like family." I shook my head. "How could he do this to us?"

"That's how." Jace pointed to the monitor.

"What is that ring?" I asked, squinting my eyes. "Looks like he's talking to someone." I noted.

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