Infiltration Part II

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Smut warning ;)


To say that Gavin was surprised to find the android he hated with a passionate, so close that Conan could most likely hear his elavated heart beat would be an understatement.

Gavin couldn't stop the blush rising to his cheeks almost immediately as he stared into the intense grey eyes of the android.

"T-the fuck do you mean by that, dipshit?" He chastised himself for stuttering.

Conan's eyes grew darker and hooded as he replied with a deep and sensual, "I mean, Gavin, are you sure you want me to get away from you? Do you really want me to go? Or do you just want to continue trying to convince yourself that you don't want me to be near you?"

Gavin tried not to show his surprise by covering it with anger, "That's fucking gross, asshole, of course I want you to get away from me!"

Gavin tried to shove Conan away but he was much stronger than what met the eye. For a few minutes, Conan just levelled his eyes to the detectives, watching, waiting. Eventually, he stood up and a hint of a smirk could be found on his face.

"Alright, I'll leave you... But if you want anything more than a massage, then I'll be waiting," Conan teased and walked away, leaving Reed flustered, confused and slightly aroused.

Gavin eventually calmed himself down and considered following Conan. He bit his lip in thought, weighing the possibilites and outcomes. In the end, Gavin stood and walked around the almost empty precinct.

He went into the bathroom, not knowing where else to go, and found Conan waiting with a glint of mischief in his eye.

"I knew you'd come, Detective. You can't lie to me," Conan approached the shorter man and leaned his hand against the door behind Reed, blocking his escape. Gavin's breathing quickened and pupils dilated. He immediately regretted getting up from his desk.

Conan continued, "You think I didn't notice your stares and elavated heart rates ever since I kissed you that night? Well I did. And I must say, I am quite flattered. Also that I, too, enjoyed it..."

Gavin's eyes widened and his mind turned into mush. He liked it? That's crazy. The only coherent conclusion Gavin could believe was that it was a massive revenge plan to get back for all the times Gavin insulted Conan. However, Conan's eyes spelt something else. Since Gavin couldn't respond, Conan spoke once more.

"Out there, it didn't look like you relieved much pressure that you've been taking on. If you will allow me, then please, let me help once more." With that, Conan locked the bathroom door and reached for the detective's buckle on his pants.

Immediately, Gavin went to cover his groin to stop the android but he was met with a testing gaze saying 'Do you really want to do that?' and shyly pulled his hands away, giving Conan the space he needed.

Conan unbuckled Gavin's belt and tugged his underwear down, revealing the detective's hardening member. The android smirked before taking it into his mouth. His synthetic saliva lubricated Gavin's dick as he sucked, pushing his head back and forth.

This couldn't be happening, Gavin thought. He was getting sucked off by the android he once hated the most but now had an immense liking to ever since the night of their kiss, in the DPD Precinct bathroom. But hot damn, did Conan give a good blowjob. His facial expression didn't help either.

Gavin didn't bite back his moans and grunts and let Conan hear his vulnerable voice. He was soaring on a high that he still couldn't believe. Then, much to Gavin's surprise, Conan started to vibrate his tongue, further stimulating Reed and making him moan louder and more desperately. Conan growled deeply as he continued his work on Gavin.

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