I don't know why I'm feeling like this but I am. I feel so...angry that I have been forgotten about by him. These werewolves here think mates are a blessing, that they are sacred but Kaiden treats me anything but. And I guess, I care somewhat. After all, he's the one destined for me. He's made for me. Yet he doesn't care. And so, all of that anger has been building up, waiting to be released. 

Despite my efforts to push the anger back, a callosal part of me wants to yell at him for acting so cold all of the time. At lunch the other day, Kaiden joined us—which is apparently very uncommon—and he didn't speak a single word to me. He didn't acknowledge me. And every time I pass him in the halls, he would look at me once, with his cold eyes and then he would look away. 

"I will talk to you how I like," I retort back, standing up. "And do you want to know why? Because we're equals. I'm the one person you can't boss around." 

Kaiden glares at me with blazing eyes. His jaw clenches and he fists his fingers together. I'm getting to him. 

"I have been here for over two weeks and you have barely acknowledged me. I am fed up with it because I am a human being, an alive person who deserves respect. You may not want me and that's fine because I don't want you either but whilst I'm here, you will treat me with respect." I say with authority. Kaiden listens to me and slowly, his angry demeanor fades. His eyes lighten up; fill with understanding. "I want to tell you, whilst I have the chance that you can either pretend I don't exist and give me the choice to leave when I eventually shift or you can communicate and I don't know, maybe even give whatever this could be, a try." 

I don't know why I offer him the second option but I do. Maybe, if he let go of whatever was haunting him, he could be a mate. It's clear that something has made him the way he is and I plan to find out what.  

"You're not leaving," Kaiden states firmly. I nod my head, knowing he would say that. "And we will discuss this another time. Right now, I have important news." He pauses, making sure he has my attention. "You will be announced officially as my luna the day after your shift. We will have the ceremony and a party after. Sky will go through everything and will answer all of your questions." 

My eyes narrow at his words, picking up on his not-so-said dismissal. 

"Kaiden, you're going to have to tell me if you want me as a mate. You know that right? Because I'm not planning on waiting long, I want to have a life." I tell him, hoping to make it clear to him that he has to make his mind up soon. 

If Kaiden and I are ever going to be proper mates, I need him to be one hundred percent committed. I want to be with someone who wants me and who will love me, not someone who is with me because they feel its a duty to be. 

Kaiden peers up at me, taking a long look at me. That's when I spin on my heel and march off out of the room. 


"You said all of that to him?" Aidan asks me at tea with a look of disbelief. I nod my head, feeling slightly proud. Apparently, nobody ever spoke back to Kaiden. "Wow, I'm proud of you Quinny." 

I scowl at the nickname he gave me and lightly punch his arm. Around Sky, Aidan, Harper, and even Raphael, I have become more comfortable. I'm not shy around them and will act however I want. When I interact with some of the pack members, I tend to dig myself in a whole though. I find that if I know the person well, I am more open. 

Maybe with time, I will be able to interact with all members freely and without a timid voice.

"I really wish I could have seen his face," Harper says, earning grunts of agreement from Raphael and Sky. 

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