C H A P T E R 8

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Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi

C H A P T E R 8



It's been two weeks since I came here. And I hate to admit it but I'm quite enjoying it here. Most of the people are nice here and I've made some real friends. Sure, I hate training and I avoid Alpha Kaiden as much as possible but other than that, I'm really enjoying it here. 

Fortunately for me, Kaiden also wants to avoid me as much as possible. Whenever we are in the same room, we pretend to not know each other's existence. At night, I build a pillow wall and sleep at the very edge of the bed. We hardly interact—which is for the best. He doesn't want me and well, I'm afraid of wanting him. 

Sky has noticed the tension between us. She often frowns when we are in the room together and purses her lips. She hasn't asked me yet, luckily. 

Training has become slightly easier. My body is slowly adjusting and I'm definitely becoming stronger. I can't help but feel excited about my new change. I've never felt strong but now, I am becoming someone stronger. 

"Quinn," Sky calls from the other sound of the living room. I snap my head up and give her a smile. After training today, I decided to visit the lounge where there was a small section of books are stored. None of them are about crime but they are equally as good. The book To Kill A Mockingbird has caught my eye; so far, it has been enjoyable. "Kaiden wants to see you." 


Why would Kaiden want to talk to me? He never does. 

Sky notices my frown. "Just come, he'll explain everything." 

Slowly, I stand up and follow her. She leads me up the stairs, to the top floor--the same floor as my room. Instead of going down the end of the hall where my room is, she stops outside of a different door. One I haven't been inside before. 

"He's waiting." Sky tells me and gestures for me to open the door. 

Taking a deep breath, I wrap my hand around the door nob and twist it. My eyes immediately wonder around the room, taking in the big fireplace, shelves of books and large, wooden desk. A few pictures hang on the walls, two seats sit on the other side of the desk, on an expensive looking carpet. The room has a dark lighting despite the curtains being fully open. 

"Quinn," a deep voice cuts into the air, over the crackling of the fire. My eyes lay on Kaiden, who is sat comfortably on his desk chair. "Take a seat." 

Obeying him, I drag my feet to one of the leather seats and plonk my bottom on it. My eyes stay on Kaiden who is staring intensely at the paperwork in front of him. It hurts, in a way, that he doesn't notice me at all. I know I shouldn't care because I don't want this as much as him but still, it hurts. 

"Are you going to tell me why I'm here or are you going to continue to ignore me?" I ask him, in a harsh voice. My eyes widen in horror as I realize what I said, so rudely. I'm not rude or bitter, I have never encountered someone who has infuriated me so much. Not including my mother. 

Kaiden's head whips over to me, his features masked. But his eyes betray him as they portray his shock. Briefly, so quickly that I barely notice it, his eyes flash with pride. But as I said, it was too fast and the lighting isn't the brightest. 

"Don't talk to me like that," he growls, angrily. His eyes darken at my disrespect. Something I learned very quickly here is that Kaiden is someone who demands respect and obedience. It's how his leadership works here. If someone doesn't show him respect, then its a sign that they don't follow his rules. 

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