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The army moved through the woods walking past safety and entering the acid fog zone but they knew that everything would be okay. This time around Clarke didn't go to Octavia to keep her safe or to keep her mouth shut about the missile, there would be no fight because of TonDC, she will focus on what she needs to focus on and that is winning the war. It took them about an hour to get in position and another half an hour to get the tents ready but once everything was done, Lexa called the generals and warriors for the debriefing on their mission.

They waited a few more minutes before the group of Sky People came inside and there were a lot of familiar faces. Nathan's Dad, David, Monroe, Abby, Jake, Kane, Murphy, Finn and Wells, Jaha and a few more guards. "Welcome, Skaikru. Join us." Lexa said greeting them politely and motioned for them to step forward and they did. Jake was the one to step forward to her with the bag. "Raven sent this." He said and passed it to Clarke while greeting the Commander and walking back. Clarke pulled the bomb off the bag. "It's hydrazine. It will do the job." She said to him and put in back inside and away.

"Field Commanders, today's the day we get our people back. The enemy thinks it's safe behind its doors but it's not. When it realizes that, it will fight back. Hard. We need to be ready." Lexa said and looked at Clarke who took over and the speech went about the same way as it did before. "This is a rescue mission. We are not here to wipe them out. There are people inside that mountain that have helped us, children who have nothing to do with this war. We kill their soldiers, their leadership but we are there to rescue our people. Is that clear?" She said and they nodded their heads.

"Good, then let's begin. There are 4 teams. Two of them, one at the dam and one in the mine are moving into position already. The third is inside the Mountain, freeing the grounder prisoners as we speak. It is our job as the fourth team to keep the eyes of the enemy off of them for as long as possible. To do that, we have to be in position here at the main door with our entire army. The Mountain Men believe the door can't be opened from the outside so they leave it unguarded. Only it can be, and thanks to our source on the inside, now we know how." She said as she explained.

"According to Maya, the electromagnetic locking system has one flaw. When the power goes out, it disengages. That's where Raven's team comes in. The mountain's electricity is generated at Philpot Dam. By now, they've taken the turbine room. It's their job to blow the power. Once they do, we blow the lock. There is a catch, a backup generator inside the mountain. If the lock is still functioning when the backup power kicks in, we'll never get that door open, we'll never get our people back." Clarke explained.

"How much time do we have until the backup power kicks in?" Miller Sr said and Clarke looked at him. "One minute. That's the window." She said to him. "Small window." Jake said to her. "Try too small." Murphy said. "Why don't we just take out the backup generator too? Bellamy's inside. Have him do it." Miller Sr said to them. "Leaving them without power that long would kill them all and as I said, that's not the mission. Besides, we lost contact with Bellamy after he took out the acid fog." Clarke explained.

"Besides, we won't need to. If everything goes as the Commander and I have planned, we won't even the need a full minute, a couple of seconds and the door will get open. Bellamy is inside and for all we know they have learned with the acid fog down that there is a spy inside their walls, it would be too risky for him. What he was sent to do, he did. Now, it is up to him to free the army on the inside and stay alive." Clarke explained to them, but mostly to her own people since the others didn't care much about him.

"Bellamy is a warrior. He'll be fine and do what needs to be done." Lexa said to them and Clarke nodded. "As the Commander said, once the door opens, the shooting will start and they'll throw everything they have at us but that's what we want. We want them looking at us because while we're fighting at the front door, Indra's team will be escorting the prisoners out the back right through the reaper tunnels. Once all of our people are free, they'll sound the retreat. Then we attack them. That's the plan." She said to them and they nodded before she stepped back and let Lexa take over.

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