"Malka, this is official business. You don't get to intervene just because it involves our son," the man barked.

"You are wrong, sir," she replied coldly. "When the life of an innocent and my son's life are at stake, I absolutely may initiate an intervention."

"Am I to presume you believe his nonsense, Malka?"

"It is not nonsense. I am the one responsible for parts of what he claims."

"Mother! I," Sebastian began before Malka held up a hand to silence him.

"You, however, are responsible for something much worse," she accused the Prime Minister. "My sources revealed your plans for Miss Clark – the plans as intended are what that reporter put in her article. I was the one who dictated it to her to ensure there was a record that Sebastian's fiancé existed. I know how people can disappear if you feel threatened by them."

She walked over to Lucy, briefly inspected her, and then turned to the other girls in the party once she was satisfied with her physical condition.

"Bessie," she stated affectionately, smiling. "You've done so well, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart." Bess stuttered in response, confused beyond words. The woman turned to the other girls. "I've heard of you two over the years, and you may consider me a big fan," she winked at their surprised expressions.

"How did you find me, mother?" Sebastian interrupted, his impatience taking over. She calmly turned to face him.

"When your ship was summoned to Titan after you'd gone missing, I knew you'd learned about Lucy. Actually, I am curious. How did you find her, Sebastian?" He looked embarrassed by the question.

"Well, I...um...I was tipped off while drinking my life away at some dive in the Herschel Crater on Mimas. A merchant there recognized my picture of Lucy as the same girl some gang of bounty hunters was tasked with moving a few weeks beforehand. They were looking to meet the owner of a strato jump adventure company. Things kind of fell into place after that."

The woman smiled proudly. "All things considered, it seems the operation worked as well as it could have."

"Wait, I have a question!" Jiada piped up. "Like, I know there's some big sh-, er, stuff going on right now, but I think the three of us would appreciate a little more information about, you know, why you know us and all."

"Yes, of course," Malka replied gently. "Bessie here leads my private security team."

She laughed when Bess's expression revealed that she did not agree with the statement. "Of course, none of you remembers everything that has transpired, but I promise you will be just as satisfied with your accomplishments as I am once you do. The, oh, how shall I say it? Qualifications for entry into this facility are fairly specific, but you all were sure to meet them in your own special ways to accomplish your mission."

"What about her?" Jessie jumped in, indicating Lucy. "How did she get in? She's in solitary with constant security!"

Malka turned to Bess. "I will let you reveal that part of the story to all of us once you recall its entirety. I'm quite curious myself. Whatever it was, I'm sure it was necessary, and I thank you for keeping everyone safe." She then turned to the council members.

"Enceladean Council of Authority, I implore you to consider the facts laid out before you and move to make a motion."

"You wouldn't dare!" the Prime Minister raged. "This is preposterous! You've weaved quite the story, but you have no proof I've done anything wrong." Ignoring him, Malka continued.

"I request to move against the Prime Minister's authority in the form of a temporary injunction. My husband is correct that hard evidence has yet to be provided; however, the facts available meet the threshold for an investigation."

"I imagine we'd be good enough witnesses once our brains are back," Bess finally chimed in.

"Yes, you will," Malka agreed. "You and many others I have collected while you were safely hidden here."

There was a long pause, then low murmuring as the council members discussed the situation amongst themselves. The one with long sideburns braided into a beard finally broke away to address the parties.

"Madam, the council has considered your motion and agrees with the injunction, effective immediately."

"But...but what about her bloodline?" the Prime Minister practically spat out. "Her ancestors slaughtered our people! My position requires that I protect the security of the Colonial Collective-"

"That war was several generations ago, father!" Sebastian interrupted him. "And don't you know a damn bit of history?"

"Don't you dare interrupt me!"

"Yes, Sebastian. He's practically confessed his actions. Let him continue to hang himself," Malka agreed in a serious tone.

"I know what they did, you idiot," the Prime Minister continued, unable to contain his outrage. "Don't you try and lecture me with that revisionist drivel they teach you at school!"

"I caution you, Minister," the council member interjected. "Several of us here are on the educational board and have sanctioned the learning materials given to our youth. Do you wish to deny their accuracy?"

"It's interesting you use the word 'slaughter' father, considering it's her people's bloodline that no longer exists thanks to your people," Sebastian remained defiant.

"You are no longer my son," he bit back, shaking from his anger.

"I think we've allowed enough testimony to proceed with the next steps," the council member concluded, prompting the chrome cyborgs to surround the Prime Minister for detainment. The council members returned to the Ministry ship, the cyborgs following close behind.

The rest of them, including Malka, stood in silence for a few moments. Surprisingly, it was Lucy who finally spoke up.

"Is there...any point in my asking questions about...everything? Or will I remember all the answers over the next few days?"

"Most things," Malka replied calmly.

"Which things will I not understand, then?"

"Your ancestors," the woman smiled warmly. "I had heard of attempts to rebirth their bloodline through a cloning and surrogacy program decades ago, but it was only by chance – wonderful chance – that my own son fell in love with one of its beautiful outcomes."

"I don't...but...why is the bloodline so important?"

"Your people were the next evolution of human DNA. We spent thousands of years battling our own violent natures, trying to stay peaceful and always failing, until your ancestors emerged from the chaos. You will learn over time what that truly means."

"This wouldna had somethin' to do with all those meds she was on, would it?" Bess's curiosity had piqued.

"The DNA repair suppressants, mostly," Sebastian answered. "Everything else must have been a response to whatever you all did to get in here." He winked, indicating his amusement.

"Shall we, my love?" he proposed to Lucy, extending his arm to escort her. She smiled and obliged.

"We goin' in the big ship, right?" Bess asked, one eyebrow raised.

"Yes, Bessie," Malka replied, amused. "I am well aware of your feelings about cramped spaces."

After a quick, teasing laugh from the group, they turned and made their way to the hangar where they would leave their Titan adventures behind and return to lives they had yet to remember. 

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