Chapter Six

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"And that's it?" Jiada asked suspiciously after Lucy recounted the events that preceded their attempted rescue from the operating room. "You're all fixed now and that thing is a good guy?" The cyborg turned to face her, reacting to her tone at its mention.

"That is what I have for you, yes," Lucy calmly responded. She wanted to shout and sing with all the energy running through her, but the situation would have made such behavior highly questionable. "Do you have a plan you want to share with me? I did not possess most of my faculties when I joined this mission of yours; however, I was a willing participant, nevertheless."

"You talk fancy," Bess commented dryly.

"I speak how I have always spoken," Lucy stated firmly.

"Where'd you come from?" Bess challenged, not satisfied with Lucy's retort.

"Earth. That is all the memory I am afforded, unfortunately," she quickly summarized.

"Let it be, Bess," Jessie cut in. "You wanted to go get her, she's here, let's move on."

"We're gonna try and grab that ship that came in by the lake earlier," Jiada took over. "It'll be towed to the hangar, most likely. The bots will be back up and running soon, so we gotta move fast while they're still abandoning detainees to process the codes from the emergency software instructions. I don't think I ever appreciated hack job programmers until today. Ha!"

"There's probably a big comment block in the code that says, 'Enter modified detainee procedures here' with nothing but blank space afterwards," Jessie joined in on the joke.

"Yes, bad exception handling, all around," Lucy chimed in, grinning at the banter. The two girls looked at her with surprised expressions.

"We have work to do," Bess interrupted, turning toward the door. The rest moved to follow.

"Oh, hey there! Hold on a sec, doll. Come here," Jiada ordered, motioning towards Lucy who obliged without question. Jiada grabbed and lifted up one of the girl's arms to her face for close inspection.

"Oh, babe. You've got a story I wish you could tell me so badly," she remarked, shaking her head, then dropping her arm.

"What's that?" Jessie nosed in, glimpsing the mark on Lucy's arm. "Some diamond with an eye in the middle? I'd have torched the tat parlor for sketching that crap."

"It's the seal of an old resistance movement," Jiada continued, ignoring Jessie's commentary. "They're all supposed to be dead – the Ministry exterminated the whole bloodline. There's a new leaf added to the side of hers, though. Maybe someone survived and renewed the mission?"

"No, they did not survive," the cyborg cut in, its voice deep and masculine. "She is not a survivor. She is a rebirth - an innocent carrying blood she knows nothing about."

"Why bother to brand her for extinction if she won't know she's in danger?" Jiada demanded, visibly annoyed by the act and unphased by the sudden revelation that the cyborg could speak.

He remained silent, turning his face away to avoid her glare.

"C'mon, man. You can't give just speak up all of a sudden and only tell part of the story - not that kind of story. What about Lucy here? She's obviously important to whoever programs your commands. She deserves to know what you know."

Now they all were glaring - all except Lucy. She decided to approach him and place her hand on his arm, channeling the kindness he'd shown her earlier. In an unexpected reaction to her touch, he reached up and removed his entire face and head covering in one swift motion.

"You!" Jiada gasped.

"Him?" Bess inquired, a single eyebrow raised.

"Dammit, Bess. Try to keep up. It's Sebastian Galean!"

"Why you ain't on your ship?" Bess's question seemed more like a statement. She closed in on him, attempting intimidation. Since he wasn't actually a cyborg, she knew her brute strength would be a challenge to match.

"It's a decoy," he replied, matter-of-factly. "I've been here a few days already, assessing the situation. Plotting the best way...," his tone wavered as he looked down at Lucy. "The best way to get my baby out of here." He seemed to be in a trance and unable to look away from her.

"Lucy...," he finally cried out in a near whisper, pain and exhaustion in his voice. "Oh, Lucy," he repeated, pulling her to his chest. "You don't remember me right now, but when your mind has repaired time...," he pulled her back slightly to look into her eyes. " will know me again. You will remember that I love you. And that you love me. It's us against...against our worlds, but that's okay because our new world is each other. That is all that matters to us. Please, believe me. Trust me."

She stared at him silently, trying to comprehend the swelling emotion building up in her chest. Finally, she placed her hand softly on his face, tracing the outer curve of his eye.

"Pink," she whispered. "Your eyes are pink."

Smiling, she nodded in agreement, then buried her face in his chest as tears sprang uncontrollably for the second time that day.

"Oh, yucko! Somebody get me outta this romance novel. I thought we was watchin' an action flick," Bess complained loudly, then pretended to be overcome by an abundance of phlegm in the back of her throat.

"So, in this plan of yours, do we get to go blow some shit up?" Jessie interrupted loudly.

"Unfortunately, I'm not planning such a course of events," Sebastian smiled warmly with his response, still enjoying his moment with Lucy. "My ship and the Ministry's ship will be located in the facility's main hangar. If my craft has been disabled, we will be able to obtain a mission pod from the Ministry ship. It will be small, but it will have the resources to leave this moon with everyone aboard."

"Everyone, eh?" Bess sounded skeptical, gesturing to her large frame.

"Everyone in this party, yes," he responded bluntly.

"Wait up here," Jiada spoke up. "Like, your plan is the same as us? Lift a ship that ain't ours?"

"Incorrect. It's my ship, and I need it back." 

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