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Gio sighed as he, again, sent a message to Joanne that he knows she'll never read. But he was still hoping.

It's been two months since he last heard of his girlfriend (or ex girlfriend now?). He remembered the last time he saw her. He remembered how hurtful his words were and how much she wanted to cry but chose not to.

He remembered what it's like to touch her, and feel her warmth.

Damn, he misses her a lot.

He stood up from his seat when the doorbell rang. He opened it and Mia, his co worker-blonde, tall, skinny and good looking, showed up. She smiled and made her way inside his condo unit.

"Mia, anong ginagawa mo dito?" He asked.

Mia looked at him, completely confused. He sighed.

"I said, what are you doing here?" He asked.

She shrugged. "Is it bad to visit my man?"

Gio shook his head.

"Mia, please. I already told you—"

"It's over blah blah blah it was just one night blah blah. Whatever! Your ex-girlfriend is not here so you're free to do anything!"

Gio's blood boiled.

"She's not my ex-girlfriend"

Mia raised a brow.

"Really? After she left without a word?" She grinned at Gio "You know, I'm really thankful that your ex and I didn't got the chance to meet each other, I bet she's a pain in the ass"

Mia sat on his couch and grabbed his phone, she grinned when she saw his wallpaper. It was Joanne. She unlocked it and was actually surprised to see no password. She went to his messages and rolled her eyes when she saw his messages to her.

"In that way, I wouldn't be labeled as a boyfriend stealer. I mean, I met you when she left you like a fool right?" she said.

"Mia please" he begged "Leave me alone"

Mia stood up and gave him his phone. He looked down at it.

"Give it up, Smith. She's not coming back. It's been a month. If she's really eager to come back, she would've reached out to you"

Mia walked pass him and Gio followed her.  He opened the door for her and before Mia could step out, she reached something on her bag and give it to him.

"Negative. You didn't got me pregnant. That's the reason why I came here" Mia smiled sadly before walking out.

Gio held the pregnancy test tightly and sighed in relief. But his heart broke when he remember holding one like this before. It also said negative.

"Hindi ako buntis, love"

Joanne covered her eyes and sobbed. Gio got alarmed and hugged her.

"What's wrong, Joanne?" he asked.

Joanne shook her head.

"I thought I was pregnant. I was hoping to be. Kasi diba gusto mo na bumuo ng pamilya? Akala ko, buntis ako. Hindi pala. Sorry love" she cried.

Gio kissed her head and smiled a little "Love. It's okay. Don't be pressured. Hindi naman kita minamadali" Gio broke the hug to cup her face "Ang mahalaga, magkasama tayo. The baby can wait. The right time will come, okay?"

Joanne nodded and smiled a little.

Gio threw the pregnancy test that Mia gave. Joanne's pregnancy test was on his safe. He didn't want to lose it. Because that's the only thing Joanne left. That's the last thing Joanne gave him.

He wiped his face when a tear escaped. He pulled out his phone and stared at his wallpaper and kissed it, hoping to see her someday.

Even if it's impossible.

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