Chapter 6

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Aida POV

"What did you just say?"

I don't give him the chance to answer.
I'm mad. I feel nauseated. What did he do? Snoop through my charts? Learn about my episodes and what, decide to use them to play a sick joke? This guy might be hot but he is a total dick if that's the case.

How dare he waltz in here and make fun of me. Make fun of my daily struggle to retain some kind of loopy life. Most days it's hard enough just keeping my shit together.

I demand an answer.

"I said, what did you just say? Are you making fun of me? Is this a joke to you? Making fun of people with a mental illness for what, entertainment?"

I stare at his face. He has not moved a muscle. If anything he looks offended. My hands have balled into fists and I feel the tension rising in my chest.

He steps forward and holds my wrist, smoothing out my curled fist and lifting my hand up to his chest. He places my hand on his heart. I stop breathing briefly. The sparks have returned.

"Aida, this is not a joke. I don't know how you don't know this, but we are werewolves. You, you are a wolf. I'm not sure what is happening and I have no clue how you don't know, but I swear, I'm telling you the truth. I can smell it, I know that sounds crazy, but it's a sense we have, we can smell the difference between wolves and humans and other"

He pauses at that last part. I'm sure he is leaving something out.

He cups my face in his hands. I think I have forgotten what we were discussing because I'm completely lost looking at him right now. He seems so sincere. I feel like I might fall over. Or pass out. Or both.

And I think I believe him.

I move over to the bench in the hall way and sit down. Argent walks over and sits down slowly next to me.

The speaker over head crackles and I remember i am due to see Dr J.

Do I tell him about this? No way. He will sedate me for sure. He will say I'm having a delusional break down.
Just as I am about to stand up and get ready to try to lie to Dr Jaspers face, I hear the speaker announce;

Aidalyn Craig, session with Dr Jasper cancelled.

Well. That's a relief actually. I don't know how I would go trying to get through even the next five minutes not thinking about all this, let alone an hour with Dr J interrogating me.

I feel so lost. Everything I thought I knew about myself. My life. Is it all a lie? Am I not unwell?

Argent takes my hand, obviously sensing my internal dialogue and pulls me to a standing position.

"What are you doing? I ask and take my hand back from him. Damn, that pulse when we touch! What is that?!

"There is only one way to show you I'm not lying to you. It might make it worse and it might make you scared, but I don't know what else to do.

I'm going to take you outside and shift and prove I'm telling you the truth" He basically yells in my face and starts looking around.

He begins to drag me down the hallway and I realise we are heading towards the exit.

"Wait! Outside ? I haven't been, I am not allowed outside?" I try to explain, but he is not slowing down at all and then it's too late because we are barreling through the exit and down the emergency stairs.

And what the hell does he mean by shift?

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