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         Pinch me now. Please.

         HA! I want to laugh, seriously, because my dreams are getting quite confusing and silly. But wait, this isn’t a dream. River is standing right there in tight jeans and a black t-shirt, a hard look on his face as he glares at Nick behind me. Then his eyes make their way to mine, and immediately his complexion softens, we’re locked in a delicate gaze that is too addictive for me to look away. I blush, and when I mean blush, I mean turn into a beetroot. Thank god it’s still quite dark in here.

         Two more figures step out of the crowd and stand obediently behind River. Of course, it’s the three. Jake stands smugly with his muscular hands crossed intimidatingly over his defined chest, making him look like a ‘tough guy’. Whilst Ky glances from Nick, to me, then to Marissa, and his eyes linger on hers for a moment before turning to the crowd surrounding us.

         “Shows over.” He says effortlessly, but everyone undoubtedly hears him and pretends to go back to what they were doing. However, their ears and minds are most definitely still with us.

         “Lea, I swear this isn’t what you think!” Nick begs from behind me, reminding me that he’s actually there, and more people are here as well, because for a moment, I think River and I are the only ones in this room.

         My eyes avert from River’s to Nick’s, my head twists to face him.

         “Save it, loser.” River calls, stepping forward, grabbing my wrist and dragging me out of the room and through the front door onto the porch.

         Marissa, Ky and Jake slowly follow after us like sheep - River obviously being the shepherd - until all of us are out of the house and on the grass of the front yard. River’s fingers are still tightly wrapped around my wrist, which makes my heart flutter uncontrollably. I glance down at his hand, but he senses my reaction and pulls his hand away to tuck it in his jeans pocket. Damn, I was enjoying that…

         Lea, grow up.

         River nods towards Marissa, his expression quite angry. “Did you drive here? Do you have a ride home?” He questions harshly as if Marissa is some sort of criminal.

         “Oi! Why’d you have to be such a jerk?” I yell at him as Marissa stares at him in shock, with vulnerability plastered on her expression.

         What aggravates me the most is that he doesn’t even turn to face me; he simply leans forward, waiting for Marissa’s response. Poor Marissa looks stunned, and is nervously tugging at her frilly dress, lost for words.

         “Yes.” She whispers quietly.

         “Good, then you can go home. Ky, go with her and make sure she gets home.” River order as if he’s our parent.

         “What the hell? Seriously, River?” I yell again, finally capturing his attention.

         He stares angrily at me, his glaring eyes piercing mine. What have I done to make him so mad?

         “You said you were going to Marissa’s house only. What happened to that?” He inquires nastily.

         “What the hell is it to you?” I spit, loathed by his unnecessary anger.

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