Chapter Ten - River The 'Shepherd'

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         Slowing my strides, I glance over my shoulder at him, eyebrows raised in a daring manner. "Or what?" 

         "I'm going to call your mummy and daddy." He calls in a patronizing voice, and I halt in my tracks.

         Oh no. Not mum and dad.

         If they find out I went to a party full of drugs and alcohol without their permission, I will not hear the end of their parenting lectures. Plus, I'll be grounded for life.

         I spin around frantically and pace back towards River with the most venomous stare. "Parker, if you dare call them, I will cut your dick off and feed it to you."

         He devilish smirk tugs at the corners of his mouth. "Babe, I'm dialing my mother's number right now, I'm sure she can pass me on to speak with your mum."

         I'm taken aback by the word 'babe', yet try to hide it by narrowing my eyes at him. 

         "Please, explain why her mum will be with your mum?" Ky asks, extremely confused. He and Jake look like Tweedledum and Tweedledee together, it's funny, to me at least.

         Lea, focus, you're meant to be angry, or worried, take your pick.

         "Shh..." River places his index finger against his lips as he presses his phone to his ear.

         "Lea, it's fine. Just go with River, I'll be fine." Marissa insists from behind me.

         "Hi, is Lea's mum with you?" River speaks into the phone as I feel the blood rush through my veins.

         "Fine! I'll go with you!" I exclaim, hoping that he'll hang up the phone. He displays a satisfied smile which irks me even more yet I try to calm myself. 

         "Oh no, don't worry," he speaks into the phone. "See you later," he says before hanging up. 

         "Wait, you live at River's house?" Ky asks.

         "What the hell dude, explain." Jake pleads.

         Neither River nor I can keep the amused smiles off our faces as we look at both Jake and Ky who are now beyond confused.

         "We'll explain everything later." River says. "Ky, make sure Marissa gets home, Jake, follow me back to the wood house." River orders. Yep, he's definitely the shepherd figure.

         "Wood house? I thought we were going back to your house?" I question unknowingly, following in River and Jake's footsteps after I throw a quick 'goodbye' at Marissa, who is walking with Ky towards her car.

         "It is at my house, it's in the woods behind the back garden." River explains.

         "It's our little hideout," Jake inputs. Unlocking his Ferrari and reaching for the car handle, the door opens upwards towards the navy sky blanketing us.

         "I'll see you in a minute mate," Jake calls to River before climbing in. River nods a farewell in his direction, and we watch as Jake swerves onto the road and drives away out of our view, the sound of his engine overpowering the music that has just been turned back on in Nick's house.

         "C'mon." River says with a much calmer tone this time. 

         Trying to cloak my annoyance, I follow after him as he strides down the sidewalk, passing two more enormous houses that are guarded by large, steel gates. A breeze hits us, winding its way through River's hair and dishevelling it. It's a small thing, albeit it's enough to keep me subtly admiring him until we reach his Mercedes. 

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