Chapter 2

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Izuku's pov

I wake up and fall off the couch.I groan in pain.I get up and look at the time.I have four hours till work.I begin by feeding Aizawa tuna fish, feeding rose bacon and dog chow, and feeding the kittens milk.I make myself a plate of hot pockets and set them on the table.I grab all my mail for the week and set it on the table.I grab a pen and my phone."lets do this, "i smirk.My phone goes off with a bing.I look down at it.


Hitoshi-hey can i come over to your house to see my baby

Izuku-good morning to you too.Sure my address is *******

Hitoshi-i'll be there in 30 or so minutes

Izuku-see you then

"Shit my house is a mess, "i groan.I begin to rush and pick stuff up.I made it spotless in 15 minutes.I mentally high five myself and get to work on the taxes.After 15 minutes of me doing what i call hell, the doorbell rings.I open the door to shinso." Hey, "i smile.He looks down and blushes.I realize im still in my pajama shorts and shirt." Sorry its been a busy morning i kinda forgot to change, "i apologise." Your fine.You don't have to change.Its your house and also you don't look bad at all, "he smirked." Your a big flirt, "i giggle." Its my job to be flirty with someone as cute as you, "he stepped closer to me." not an average adult that nobody pays attention to, "i mumble." Your not average trust me.Everyone stops to look at you when you pass, "he smirks as he walks closer and closes the door behind him.Aizawa saved me by jumping on my shoulder and hissing at him." Sorry, "he smirked and backed up.I was a blushing mess." Sorry my cat is like a father figure in a way, "i mumbled." My cat is like a mother figure, "he smiled." You have another cat, "i asked." I got kicked out of my apartment for having her, "he smiled." You could move in here there is a room open next to mine, "i smiled." Actually that is the room im moving into, "he smiled." Really, "i jolted up." Yeah.Im your new roomie, "he smiled.I hugged him which made aizawa fall off.He wrapped his arms around me and slid his hands down to my waist." Izuku, "he whispered." Hm, "i hummed." Go on a date with me, "he smiled." Okay..when, "i asked." Monday night at 9:00, "he smiled." Okay i'll go with you, "i smiled.He let me go." Lets see where is my fuzzy, "he asked." Kitchen right next to the dinning room table that is full of taxes, "i groaned.He rubbed my head and we walked towards the kitchen.I stopped at the tabla and sat down and began working as the male played with his kitten.

When i was done i had two hours left to do whatever so i sat on the couch and covered up in a blanket.I grabbed the remote and turned on the tv.I changed it to netflix." Wanna watch something with me, "i asked.Hitoshi walked out of the kitchen with a arm of kittens behind him.It was my 3 and his one but they looked like army soldiers.He smiled and sat beside me.I picked a hour and 30 minute long movie.When it was done i would have to get ready for work.

Hitoshi's pov

I was laying on the couch with a sleeping izuku on me.I slid my hand down his body and i massaged his ass with my hand.I was never like this but seeing him made me want this.I liked the feeling of his body on mine but i would like it under mine.He moaned in his sleep." H-hitoshi, "he moaned in his sleep.I was getting turned on by this.I felt my pants tighten.Izuku's eyes fluttered open and i stopped my hand." No don't stop, "he whispered." A-are you sure, "i whispered.He nodded.I slid my other hand down and massaged his ass with both hands.He moaned quietly.His hands traced my chest and i went at a faster pace.He scooted up a little more where our faces were inches apart." You make me feel good, "he whispered.I felt his breath on my lips which made them tingle." You make me want you, "i whispered.He leaned down and kissed me.I kissed back.I played with his ass which made him moan and i took the chance to dominate his mouth with my tongue.

I was awoken by a tap on my shoulder." Hey you fell asleep during the movie.I have to go to work but you can stay.I have food in the fridge and what ever you do don't go into my bathroom, "Izuku smiled then left for work.I hate when i have such realistic dreams.

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