♡Shot|Part Two♡

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Your heart was racing, you were extremely scared for your husband. After you had heard the news, you had asked Bill, the head of security, to drive you down to the hospital. Of course, he obliged without question.

As the car pulled up to a stop outside of the hospital, you could already see masses of people gathered outside - fans of Michael. You inhaled deeply as Bill got out of the car, opening the door for you.

Once he had done so, he helped you out before flashing you a reassuring smile.

"I'd better drive off now. I'll be waitinf for you in the private car park," he spoke before making his way back into the vehicle.

Using your scarf, you covered your head - even covering your face as you walked through the crowds. Cameras were everywhere, and everyone was shouting Michael's name. Some of them even called your name. You sighed as soon as you entered the hospital. The security guards at the main doors had let you in, knowing that you were Michael's wife.

The avid fans were kept at bay, outside of the hospital. You walked up to the receptionist, a worried look painted on your face.

"Hi," you sighed. "Can I see my husband, Michael?"

The receptionist beckoned for a nurse to approach.

"Come with me," the nurse smiled, leading you through the twisting corridors. The lights were bright, and you felt conscious - as if the light were highlighting every flaw on your body.

Eventually, she brought you to a stop outside of a room. She pushed the door open, and gestured for you to walk in.

When you did, you gasped when you saw Michael - sitting up in bed, a sling holding his left hand in place. The nurse left, giving the both of you some privacy.

"Oh God..." you ran up to him. "I was so worried! Are you okay?"

Michael chuckled in amusement.

"I'm fine," he smiled a little. "The shooter was aiming for my heart, but he missed by a second,"

"Shit," you hovered over him, caressing his head. "I'm never letting you go out on your own again," you teased.

"Oh?" he raised an eyebrow. "Who made you mother?" he broke into laughter, making you roll your eyes.

"You're lucky I love you, Jackson,"

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