Reed's face got redder upon the question but he tried not to show and regained some of his composure, "W-whatever, tin can. Let's get this night over with."

And with that, they exited the car.

Upon arriving to the front of the line, Gavin flashed his ID and paid the fee. But before they could enter, the bouncer held a large hand in front of them.

"How about this guy?" The bouncer asked, pointing to Conan.

Gavin spoke before Conan could, "This android's with me."

The bouncer looked Conan up and down, judging every centimetre of him until it finally clicked in his mind.

"Oh, it's that kinda android... Alright, go through," the built man dropped his hand and let them pass. Conan and Gavin exchanged glances as they walked through the narrow hallway.

Within less than a minute, they were bombarded with flashing lights and deafening music. At first glance, Gavin felt overwhelmed of all the flashing and the tightness but his resolve to close the case took over. He and Conan slightly nodded at each other and respectively dispersed around the club.

By the end of the night, Conan and Gavin had gathered a lot of useful information and met up once again at the bar. There, they shared the information they recovered in soft mutters.

"The supplier goes by the name of 'The Pig.' I've scanned through the DPD files and have discovered that his real name is Christian O'Donn, quite ironic, isn't it? He's been arrested and convicted multiple times from petty theft to attempted murder," Conan stated, acting naturally.

Gavin sipped on a light whiskey as he shared his information, "The warehouse that houses the stock is the one behind the closed down mall, not too far from here. The close distance is probably why this club is such a popular place to swap narcotics and that shit. The whiskey's aren't too bad though, I will admit."

Conan nodded. He scanned the club once more and locked eyes with the Pig himself from across the club. He was in his own secluded booth surrounded by curvy girls in revealing clothing. Conan looked away a second too late and turned to face the shorter man with a permanent scowl.

"Do you like what ya see, tin can?" Gavin teased. The corner of Conan's lip twitched upward at the turn of tables.

Conan leaned in close to Reed's ear, sticking to the persona of his disguise, "While I will admit that was clever, we've piqued the interest of a certain Pig."

Gavin paused momentarily before finishing his whiskey and paying tbe bartender. The partners stood and left the club. For reassurance, Conan stretched his long arm across Reed's shoulders, pulling him close. Gavin froze at Conan's sudden skinship but before he could swear at the android, the larger man subtley whispered his reasoning and Gavin reluctantly put his arm around Conan's waist in return. With the close contact, Reed noticed that Conan applied light cologne.

They finally exited the club and was making their way to the car when Conan suddenly pulled both of them into a dark alley.

"W-what is it now, fuckwit?" Gavin whisper-yelled, still not recovered from their closeness, even in that narrow alley.

"We were being followed," the android explained. "I apologise, Detective, but I intend to finish my mission as effectively and soon as possible. It will benefit both of us. So, please, follow my lead."

"The fuck are you talking ab--"

Before Gavin could finish, Conan pressed his lips firmly against Reed's and put his arms next to the smaller man, trapping him in his place. Gavin was about to push the large android off when he heard the footsteps of what could only be the Pig's henchmen and clenched his fists. He hated it. He hated the way Conan's synthetic lips fit with his. He hated how soft they were compared to his chapped ones. He hated how he didn't hate it. But mostly, he hated that Conan wasn't able to enjoy any of it.

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