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Sorry guys, I don't know the police terminology or system so please bear with me.

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Another briefing ended with a mixture of disappointment and anger swirling in Gavin's gut. He uttered a long string of curses as he looked over the case for the umpteenth time that week. He sipped on the coffee Conan made him to try to ease the irritation in his mind. He and Conan had been working the case for a number of weeks already but have yet to find any useful information. However, that changed two nights ago, when they located a few people who were bound to have some much needed details. The lead came with the price of Gavin losing sleep of the past few nights.

There was to be another drug raid but they didn't have enough information and details on the supplier and where the warehouse was. Gavin and Conan needed to infiltrate the club where known buyers would come to buy and use a number of illegal substances. Gavin was still reading the file when Conan approached the detective, careful not to do anything to set him off.

"Detective? Detective Reed," Conan asked.

Gavin was too tired do anything too draining for himself. He just answered with an unenthusiastic yet ever assholish tone, "Whaddya want, ya plastic prick?"

"We need to get ready for tonight."

Reed's full attention was finally on Conan as his eyebrows nearly met his hairline, "What?"

"You forgot again didn't you? We are to infiltrate Sphinx, the club, tonight and you need to prepare," Conan reminded Gavin.

Gavin let out a breath of relief. Maybe all the sleepless nights were getting to his head. "Right, the club. I'll get ready."

Reed stood up but was met with a synthetic and firm hand pushing him back down.

"Are you sure you're fit to do this, Detective? You haven't slept for over 48 hours," Conan slightly tilted his head. "I don't need to analyse such fact since your expression and gait show enough."

Now Conan was pushing his luck. Gavin pushed the android's hand off as a warning and stood up with overconfidence.

"I'm fine, trash can. Fuck off," Gavin shoved Conan aside and made his way to make his cover for the club.

--Some hours later--

Gavin sat in the car, fidgeting with his disguise. His hair was styled too much for his liking and his dress shirt had too many colours and patterns for him to understand. He felt slightly more awake than he felt in the morning, thanks to a few more cups of coffee and a 2 hour nap that no one knew of. Or at least he thought no one knew of. Conan simply waited in the passenger seat next to him, also in his disguise, analysing the line outside the club. As Gavin tugged on the tight material of his long sleeved shirt, he looked Conan up and down. He somehow suited the ridiculously patterned long sleeved shirt that hugged the right places. His styled hair and blank expression added to his mysterious and sexy aura.

"Do you like what you see, Detective?"

Gavin's eyes widened upon being caught and immediately turned away from the attractive android to hide the forming blush.

"Don't flatter yourself, asshole, I was just thinking how ridiculous you look in that outfit. You look like you belong in a fucking K-pop band," Reed tried to defend himself.

"I will take that as a compliment," Conan said lightheartedly. "They are considered to be very handsome. But the most interesting thing is: how do you know what K-pop is, Detective?"

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