"Please, Stay Away From The Deep Web"

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"I had always been aware of the deep web. You hear the craziest, most fucked up stories from people who have the balls to explore it. Websites that involve human experimentation, hiring a hitman, and even watching people through their own security cameras. It’s fucked up. But, honestly, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just slightly interested. Now, just to point out, there was no malicious intent behind my exploration of the deep web, I was just curious to see if it really was as bad as people said it was.

The first thing I stumbled upon was a website extremely centered around death, which gave me a really uneasy feeling, so I didn’t hang around that webpage very long. It takes quite a bit to freak me out, so it’s safe to say I was a little surprised that I couldn’t even stomach the first website I clicked on. But, hey, it’s not supposed to be all unicorns and rainbows, right?

Next, I clicked a website that was dedicated to watching people through security cameras. Most of the screens showed empty living rooms and patios. Some of them showed oddly filled rooms, like rooms that were packed with stuffed animals, and another that was eerily decorated with fucking christmas lights and fake santa claus statues. Another screen showed a young woman doing yoga, that one had a lot of views, I didn’t watch that one very long.

Something inside me felt ill and just.. wrong. Like what I was doing what sickening. I shook my head, blinking away any more curiosity before I hovered my mouse over the tiny ‘x’ to close the window. Right before I pressed the mouse, I saw a blue link under a black screen that said, “proceed with caution.” I bit down on my back teeth, yelling internally to leave the page, don’t click the link, it’s not worth it. It could be murder, would that make me an accomplice? What if it was someone skinning an animal or some shit like that?

But, then again, what if it wasn’t?

I don’t know what the hell propelled me to move my mouse away from the window, hovering it over the link instead, but that’s where I ended up. My curiosity always got the best of me, and no matter how twisted my stomach felt, or how strong the feeling of dread was that lingered right over my head, I had to know. I really just had to know what the link led to, or I would go crazy until I finally figured it out. So, I pressed my mouse down and watched the link turn purple, felt my mouth go dry, and watched as the screen slowly loaded.

The page was just compromised of a large screen, like the security camera page, only it was just one. The room was concrete, it was dark. There must have been a night vision camera or something, because everything had a weird blue-green tinge, but you could tell there was little to no light. There was a dark liquid on the floor in a medium-sized puddle. I told myself it was gasoline, don’t ask me why.

Movement in the far right of the screen caught my attention, and I immediately perked in my desk chair, inching my face closer to the screen of my laptop. It looked like an arm, like someone’s forearm. They were standing there, not really moving but subtly swaying, just enough to not look completely still.

“Hey,” I said, before shaking my head and slapping my mouth shut. Stupid. Then, the person walked, they walked over towards the left of the screen. I felt my stomach knot, felt my throat tingle and tighten, bile rising in the back of my throat. I knew my mouth was open, gaping and my eyes were wide, face screwed up into an expression of pure disgust. It was a young woman, she looked like she couldn’t be older than twenty five or so. Long, dark and dirty hair was in tangles, like she’d been pulling at it. Her leg was dragging, her other skinny leg doing most of the work as she limped weakly. Her head was down, looking at the floor, and the sound of her dragging her foot across the concrete echoed in my silent room. I didn’t think it could get any worst. I was so, so fucking wrong.

Suddenly, the woman raised her head, and it looked like it weighed a ton on her tiny body. I hadn’t noticed it before, only able to barely make out her side profile, but now it was clear as day. She looked around, eyes watering with tears and black makeup streaming down her face. Small strands of bloody thread were intertwined in her lips, messily tied, locking them together. Dark blood stained her chin, probably from where she’d tried desperately to open her mouth, to scream, before realizing she couldn’t. Her dainty fingers were stained as well, the same color as the puddle on the concrete.

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