Chapter 2

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Kiba's POV
The brunette sighed as he packed up for lunch. He and the blond had the same class before lunch, Biology. 'Damn him... keeps teasing me like that....' Kiba cursed in his mind. The blond did unspeakable acts in the class... I would've told you what they were... but unspeakable sexy things.

"Kiba-senpai! Can you stop spacing out me?" There he was again, his new acquaintance asked him. "Oh right sorry 'bout that... um, can I ask a favour?" Kiba asked out of the blue while packing his things. "If you want a blowjob not today." The blonde said with a cheeky smile.

"No, not~ wait you'd actually do that?" "No silly, I meant it as a joke." "Ahh." Kiba said relieved that the guy he had only met, didn't want to give him a blowjob... which was a bit of a surprise for him. "I was gonna ask you to stop calling me senpai... it feels so unnatural." "Oh so you want something kinkier?" "N-nani!?" The brunette yelled in surprise.

"Just pulling your tail, Kiba-kun." "Much better." Kiba said and tried not to get an erection.... keyword, tried... but the blond was too in fact, sexy for his own good. The way he swayed his hips as he walked, the way he flirts, and just everything about him.

"Hey, Naruto, you wanna sit with me for lunch?" Kiba asked the blond after a while walking to the school's cafeteria. "Yeah sure! But can my cousin come? She'll get lonely if I left her..." "yeah, it's fine." Kiba said not really minding a little bit more company. "Thanks Kiba-kun!" "No problem, Naru-chan." Kiba teased the blond boy. "Hey!"


Naruto's POV
"Karin!" The blond said full of glee. "Shut up baka!" Came the cruel answer of the redhead. "Come on Karin! Kiba-kun invited us to sit with him!" Naruto said. "No thanks, I found a cute guy."

"Ooh! You're in love!" He said emphasising the love part. "Oh shut up." The redhead said then sighed longingly. "Yeah, yeah. So, you're gonna go to him?" "Yeah, I'll see you after school, I guess." Karin said, then left the blond.

"I'm alone again... as usual..." Naruto said, and headed to look for Kiba. "Oi, Naru-chan! Over here!" Came the familiar voice.

"Hai!" Naruto said and headed towards the brunette's direction.

"You finally made it! Let me introduce you to the guys!" Kiba said.

"The one wearing the creepy glasses and the sea green clak is Aburame Shino." Kiba said pointing at 'Shino's' direction, who just nodded in response.

"Oh my Kami! You're so kawaii! The name's Ino, Yamanaka Ino!" A platinum blond said shaking Naruto's hand.

"Ma, ma, Ino, don't hog the new kid to yourself!" Came the shrill voice of a pink haired girl. "Oh right, my name's Haruno Sakura!" She said, greeting Naruto.

"Would you two shut up.. you lot are so troublesome.." came a lazy tone. "Shika-kun! You're here too!" Naruto said in surprise. "Hey, Naruto... didn't know you were Kiba's new crush." Kiba glared his way.

"Crush?!" "It's nothing!" Kiba said, clamping his hand unto Shikamaru's mouth. "Mmph." Came a muffled groan of the raven.

"H-hi, m-my n-name's H-Hyuga H-Hinata.. n-nice t-to m-meet y-you." A short dark bluenette stuttered out to Naruto. "Nice to meet you too Hinata." Naruto said flashing his signature 'smile'.

"And I'm Chouji Akimichi!" Came the voice of an awkwardly thin-ish and fat-ish male. "It's really nice to meet you all!" The blond said then he and Kiba sat down next to each other to eat their bought lunches.


"So Naruto... do you like someone?" At this point all Kiba could do was choke on his ice cream, gasping and gaping at Ino's bluntness. And it had only been a week or so since the blond joined their little group. He was actually 'enjoying' his time... but that wasn't in fact in his vocabulary...

He was alien to the emotions like these... 'happiness', 'excitement', etcetera etcetera.. nobody knew what he was hiding... but there was one person who may or may not know...

"Maybe I do," Kiba's eyes widened at this but, "maybe I don't." Ouch... that had to hurt for the brunette.

"You hot a little something on your lips, Kiba-kun." Naruto pointed out. "Here let me get it for you." "Wha-!" He was suddenly kissed by the blond, tongue and all. The blond was slowly licking his lips like some sort of lollipop.

"There, it's gone now." Sadly for Kiba, all good things will end eventually. "I'm so posting this online!" Ino said while wiping away blood that was dripping from her nose. "Oh no you don't! Gove me that phone! Delete that picure right now!" Naruto could only chuckle darkly... all his little flirting... ha...


"Say Karin, isn't that your cousin over there?" Came a white haired male's voice. "Yeah, what of it, Suigetsu?" Karin asked Suigetsu. "It's nothing... I just noticed Sasuke's been staring at him all week whenever he had a chance." "Is he really?" Karin pried... it wasn't Sasuke she was crushing on anyways... but her cousin's suitors never end well... she knew the first time Naruto had  a lover.. such a dark and sad ending it had been.

"And come to think of it, the other new student's been staring at the blond kid too." 'Hm... this is bad...' "I'm surprised he's attracted so much attention in just a week. I even heard a teacher was gaping at him." "WHAT TEACHER!" Karin snapped suddenly.

"Shh, keep your voice down, you're gonna make a scene." Suigetsu said. "Oh right sorry..." "and it's Hyuga-sensei.. you know... the Hyuga girl's 5 years older cousin?" "Not good..." she muttered silently. "What was that?" "Nothing... nothing at all.." "okay then.."

Karin cared for her cousin a lot, even though they tend to bicker... she was concerned by his new 'suitors'... what could their motives be exactly? She can never let the past repeat.. never again...

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