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***Billy Edger***

"Oh look, if it isn't the runt!"

Seventeen-year-old Billy Edger raised his head with a sigh as his group of tormentors walked down the school hallway. He should be used to it by now, he'd been dealing with it his entire life, yet he wasn't. He wished they'd just let one day pass and leave him alone, but he knew they wouldn't.

It was the usual group, led by the Alpha and Beta heirs. They enjoyed making a mockery of him because of his stature. They were both six feet four inches tall and he was only five feet six inches. It was almost unheard of for a male wolf in his pack to be so short.

He could deal with their taunts about his height, even if he didn't like it, because he still stood the chance of a growth spurt. His father had one when he was nineteen and had gone from five feet eleven inches to six feet and four inches in the span of a year.

Sadly, that wasn't the only thing they teased him about, no, they had other things too.

So, what had he done to deserve this? Oh, that's right, he was a runt and worthless in their eyes!

It wasn't like he could help being a small wolf, he was born the way he was. He wasn't ashamed of his wolf, he thought his wolf was quite handsome!

So, who cared if his wolf looked like a half-grown juvenile, it wasn't his fault either. It was because the wolf side goes by the human side, and the human side of him was small. Along with his height deficiency, he was a scrawny 130-pound male with no muscle mass at all!

It didn't help that he hadn't shifted with the rest of them. Most wolves shift at the age of thirteen, but he had a lot of physical issues when he was born, resulting in him being a runt. In turn, this had caused his wolf to not grow as it should, and he'd been unable to shift into his wolf form until his sixteenth birthday. By then the damage had been done, and he was ridiculed by his peers.

He was also much paler than his parents, leading to his tormentors saying he probably wasn't even theirs! The fact that he looked just like his father in the face and had his mom's eyes didn't seem to faze them!

Oh, and let's not forget the fact that his voice tended to be soft which, according to them made him sound feminine!

He snorted to himself, stupid Alpha-to-be!

"Cat got your tongue runt?" Christopher, the soon-to-be-Alpha asked as he smirked.

Looking up, Billy realized they now stood no more than three feet in front of him.

All six of them.

"No sir," Billy answered quietly. He didn't feel like being beat up today, so no smart remarks.

"I think he's finally learning boys," Christopher said. "Too bad, I was hoping I'd at least get a good punch in today. Oh well, maybe next time."

The others snickered. They then continued down the hall, but each made sure to ram him into the locker as they passed by.

Billy huffed after they were gone. He was so glad today was the last day of his Senior year. In two weeks, he planned to be gone from here, if the Alpha agreed to let him leave anyway. He had plans, big plans, and they didn't include sticking around here to be beaten up and ridiculed his entire life!

No, he was going to the police academy after college and become a policeman. From there he hoped to become a detective, that was his goal anyway. First, though, he had to get out of this town!


Three days later, Billy began to make his way to the Alpha's office. The Alpha had finally agreed to see him, and he was going to request temporary leave from the pack.

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