Gelo come here. I said calling him into the kitchen.

What you want. He asked.

If I call Essence are you gonna ask her to be your girl cuz y'all like each other and I can tell when she likes a boy. I said.

How you know I like her. He said.

Are you gonna do it or not I'm trying to help you. I said. He nods. I sighed and tap on her contact. I told her to come over and the address and she came in the next 20 mins and the food was do just in time. Us girls were eating the boys where playing around and Zo was being the biggest kid there. Then he came up to me.

Baby tell his little niggas who your daddy is cuz they kept saying that I'm not your daddy. He said.

Kyrie Irving is my daddy. I said. He rolled his his eyes. Hell yeah Zo daddy but they don't need to know.

Haha we told you. The boys said. I giggled and kissed him.

No but for real though Zo is DADDY. I said I smirked at them.

Haha told y'all she call me daddy what nigga I'm daddy. Zo said.

Bitch you finna end up with his next baby. Essence said causing the others to laugh.

Shut your ass Gelo get your girl. I said causing her to blush.

Speaking of girl I gotta ask you something. He said.

Will you be my girl. Gelo asked.

Yess. She said. We all clapped as they kissed.

All y'all girls out there better back off the Ball brothers they all taken. I said into Essence phone since she was live. Then the boys came back and sat in between our legs. Zo laid his head on my leg.

Where my child. He said.

She with your grandma. I said.

Oh okay. He said and kissed on my inner thigh.

Zo stop. I said he wrapped his arms around my waist. After the cookout we went to his house. When we got there I gave Zoey a bath cuz Zo wanted to play his game.

Babe. Zo said coming in the bathroom.

Yes. I said he sat on top of the tube next to me.

You almost done. He asked. I nod rinsing her hair out. I took her out the bath and brought her in the room put her diaper on and some clothes then put her to sleep. As I walked back into Zo room and he was on the phone with someone.

Yo Denise stop fucking calling Jaliyah is my girl your not bitch your in jail your the one that left me and my daughter to fuck some nigga. He said he was starting to turn red I climbed on the bed really on his lap and kissed on his neck.

But your the one that left me and you lied to my fans your also the one that said you basically wouldn't mind if you did all the work when Zoey now your care cuz I got some other girl taking care of my daughter. He said. I started sucking on his neck. I watched as he tried to hold in his groans I think it sexy he cussing his ex out getting mad.

Papi sexy. I wispher and pulled his shirt off.

Take me to court. He said still trying to hold in his groans. I took his phone and ended the call.

Papi I wanna fuck. I said smirking.

Baby tomorrow. He said I groaned and sucked on his neck some more rubbing him through his shorts.

Baby tomorrow I told you already. He said. I rolled my eyes and laid down on the other side of the bed.

Lil bitch. I mumbled but I guess he heard cuz he lightly grabbed me by my neck.

What the fuck you just call me Lil girl. He said. I wasn't scared cuz I wanted this to happen.

I said your a lil bitch. I repeated with a smirk. Your bitch was finna get some dick tonight.

You think that shit is funny Strip now. He said and let go of my neck. I got off the bed and slowly pulled my shirt off exposing my boobs. Then I pulled my panties off.

All four now. He said and smacked my ass. I got on all four and this nigga rammed right not giving a warning. But that okay 🤷🏽‍♀️ cuz it was feeling amazing 😉🤤.

Fuck Zo harder. I moaned. He slapped my ass and I liked it so I don't know why he even did that.

Shut your ass up. He groaned. I moaned as he pounded in me.

Who pussy this is. He groaned.

Ahhh da-daddy i-it's yours. I moaned.

Da-daddy I-I'm cu-cum. I moaned. He thrusts started get sloppy.

Cum princess. He said and I came all over his dick. He pulled out and jerked himself nutting on my back. I got up and cleaned myself so did he and then we went to sleep.

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