chapter 8

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I apologized from the bottom of my heart (that sounds so fake) anyway,I'm sorry for the long wait to my dear reader who still read this (if I even have one) I'm sorry for being a shitty writer, I was just lost inspiration and when I reread from chapter one I really wrote a shitty chapters,shtty plots and not to mention my shitty grammar. But you who still asked me to update are really lift my mood and made my day, thank you so much. I still need to edit here and there but please hang around, I'll take a time to fix them all. Also thank you so much for over 20k read, I never thought my last statement on the last chapter will be a pun V: and this for those still waiting for my shitty update, enjoy (:

The chirping sound of birds and blazing sun from his open window was the only sign of life from Jared's house. Pictures in shattered frames, the bottles of alcohol and dirty clothes scattered around his room making it messier than it usually was. On the king-sized bed in the middle of the room, Jared's barefoot sticking out and the rest of him covered with grey fluffy covers. He groans and groggily sat up when the sun starts burning his pale skin not to mention a pounding headache in his head.

He came home last night after he broke up with Ruby and threw all of their pictures together. Blind with rage he has no idea how much alcohol he had consumed judging from empty bottles everywhere he tossed last night after the last drop. His hangover just a little reminder on how he failed in love.

Stop chasing the wrong one, the right one wouldn't run.

The words kept echoing inside his head, tearing his heart apart piece by piece as if to remind him this is how Addison felt when he carelessly cheated with other woman when they are still together and for not believing her words. Every second passed since Ruby left him was nothing compared to what he feels when he finally realized the impact he caused and how brokenhearted Addison when he kicked her out from his house that day. Regret are useless now, he repeats that over and over again. That sent him into another state of depression.


Warm smile tugs at the corner of Addison lips as she closed her eyes and savored the feeling of coffee down her throat, this completed her day. After all the chaos going on her life lately she couldn't sleep well and her daily coffee helps her a lot and of course helps from her close friends too. She plans to visit Jared's father at the upcoming Thanksgiving but she couldn't get the strange feeling every time she thinks about it. Jared never get along well with his father even since they knew each other and even now when Addison occasionally visits his father, she never bumps to Jared. Small part of her wished to caught his eyes even for a slip second but that small part of her are long dead by now. She gets along with his father just fine and Paul, Jared's dad, still calls her daughter even though countless times Addison confessed to him it was uncomfortable.

His mother unfortunately has gone too, she and Paul part in a good terms but that left Jared bitter after they divorced. He always blamed Paul for their divorce and Paul getting too tired to tries explains it so he let Jared thinks what he wants.

What Addison fears right now is what if she run into Jared? What if Jared coincidentally come to visit his father (even if it's sounds impossible) and what will she do then? Addison couldn't help but worry as she chews her lip and sips her coffee now and then while restlessly taps her feet.

"Mom, your son are home!" Toby's sing sang voice resonate and broke her bubble of thought. "Come on, give your son a kissy, kissy and huggisy!"

He threw his bag on the table and spread his hands as he ran towards Addison who chuckles quietly and put her mug down. "Whose son are you?" She joked and pretending to make a disgusted face.

"Unfortunately, I came out from that saggy hole of you." Toby shrugs and pursed his lips and stop midway to hug her and standing in the middle of the living room, balance his foot from left to right.

Addison jaws dropped as she heard this and almost has a heart attack if not from Sarah's maniac cackles. Sarah appears a while later next to Toby and holds her stomach and bent down as she wheezing.

"I should've known." Addison huffs and rolled her eyes.

"Y–you sho–should've seen yo–your face!" Sarah forced words out between laughter.

"Well, ladies, can someone explain to me what's going on here?" Toby flailing his arms around, Sarah just continues to laugh while Addison just shot him a deadly stare which makes his blood drain from his face. "Oh no... Mom, whatever that means I didn't meant it! It was aunt Sarah! Please blame her!"

He whined helplessly when Addison just continue to gives him her stare, the one that almost making him piss his pants. "Mom, stop giving me that look, I love this pants and if can I want to wear it until night. I don't want to piss over it,mom,please." He pleaded and giving her his puppy eyes that never works on Addison.

That makes Sarah fell into another fit of laughter. "Holy f–" she halted when Addison reverts her glare to her. "I mean, holy fruit loops, I need to tell Xander this." She grins and pulled out her phone from her pocket.

"Mom?" Toby hesitantly approach Addison, his bottom lip quivers.

After a full minute then suddenly Addison joined Sarah laughing over Toby, and Toby just stomp his foot stating 'this is not fair'.

With her family, all worries inside her heart evaporated and she has nothing in her head other than thanks for the life she gets after all the heartache, ridiculous as it sounds, she thanked Jared for hurts her and now her life is complete.


"I don't know what your business here, son, but I'm glad you decided to come visits me after an eternity." Paul said while throwing his son–whose sitting across him–a skeptical glance over the newspaper.

"Glad to know your sarcasm isn't lessened after all these years." Jared replied flatly while gazing to his mother's garden.

The two sitting on the back balcony where they can admire Mrs.Ross well treated garden. Even after years, this garden still kept intact and exactly looks like when his mother still taking care of it, the vivid memory Jared has about his mother were here when she planted flowers with him.

After a long pause, Jared sighs and finally–for the first time since he came to place he used to called home –met his father's eyes. "I ruined my own life, didn't I?"

Paul just smiles and shook his head. "Totally. You just realized that bullshit now."

Neither of them talking for a moment and Jared take his time to reminiscing his past and to look back how much more damage he had caused unknowingly. First person he broke his heart was his father, the one he should've trust but didn't. Instead he was being childish and turned his back from his father when he really needs someone at that time. That time when Addison came to his and his Father's life and like an angel, she helps them both and did her best to make the two of them to get along with no avail. Then he hurts her too.

"Well, son, stop putting yourself down. I've been there and I know how much I'd lost myself and punished myself for being an asshole. Just think about this, everyone makes mistakes, not just once or twice in their lives but countless times. You just need to learn from the pain and survived the grief. Take this as a life lesson, I always wished to see the wiser you one day."

"What your ex fiancée said was all–sadly and unfortunately–true. Look at my daughter-in-law, like a wildflower, people stomps on it but it still blooms beautifully, and look at her now, she's happy like a blooming flower. The tables has turn, deal with it." With that, Paul lifts up his newspaper again, blocking the grieving Jared from his view.

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