Yandere! Sakura Haruno

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Sakura was an extremely jealous person. That was a hard cold fact. But, none the less, you loved her. And for awhile, you ignored her obsessive behavior. Whether she was just clinging to you, or was threatening others (Boys or girls) to stay away from you. However, this was no longer tolerated when you caught her threatening your dear friend Hinata. The threat was gore and horror filled, you couldn't let Sakura do this any longer, so you broke things off with her.

Big mistake.

"Did you just think I'd let you get away from me?" Sakura said coldly while holding you down to the ground. Her hands were bloody and bruised, almost like she had been beating something. That 'something' definitely wasn't you... So what was it?

"Sakura... Where is Hinata?" you asked in a hesitant yet sharp voice. The pink haired girl loosened her grip momentarily, before getting a frustrated look on her pale face. "Why are you asking about her? Shouldn't you be asking about me instead!" Sakura tightened her grip on your shoulders, sweat rolled down her face. She was so angry.

"You will not leave me! I love you too much!" Sakura suddenly started crying, sobs escaping her body. "You need to love me!"

She was guilt tripping you, and you fell for it.

"S-Sakura, I do love you. But you need to stop acting so-"

"I will! Just don't leave me!"

You ended up staying with your murderous girlfriend, so she didn't end up killing you.

(I'm so sorry! I haven't updated in forever! I'll try to update more often, I promise! Please send in more requests*)

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