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GOD; yo where is everyone

qtseok; having a life

yoongix; yeah being functional members of society

GOD; are you just saying that because youre in bed sleeping

yoongix; stfu omg

hobiversed; im outside

yoongix; where

hobiversed; im doing a group project for the animal shelter where we are supposed to rescuse stray cats

yoongix; wb dogs

hobiversed; i dont like em

yoongix; suddenly i dont like u

GOD; dont fight

yoongix; heyy... where's that jimin guy

GOD; tru he hasnt been on in a few days

GOD; i'll message him

[GOD has sent seoulmin a direct message.]

↪ seoulmin;

GOD; hey, everything ok?

GOD; u havent been on for a bit and we're a bit worried

seoulmin; ah hi

seoulmin; im ok.. just problems

seoulmin; i dont think u guys would understand

GOD; i could

seoulmin; idk...

GOD; coffee at 1?

seoulmin; uh..

seoulmin; sure, meet you there.


yoongix; so?? is he ok

GOD; yh

wtfgguk; where is he then

[seoulmin is online.]

seoulmin; here.

wtfgguk; how are you

seoulmin; fine

GOD; we're going for coffee later

qtseok; u what??

GOD; coffee.

wtfgguk; why, u barely know each other

yoongix; yh jimin could be a killer for all we know.,

wtfgguk; i dont think a uni student who does nothing else would be a killer

yoongix; i mean true

[seoulmin is offline.]

GOD; guys honestly..

[GOD is offline.]


It was a day like any other. The sky was overcast, causing the puddles of rain to be illuminated by street lights. Few people were out, hurrying home from shopping with stressed looks. A tall male with silver hair was walking down the street, hands in his pockets as he hummed a tuneless song. He pushed open the coffee shop door, appreciating the waft of caffeine hitting his body. He chose a two-seater table, sitting down and drumming his fingers against the table as he waited. For something, for someone.
His brown eyes lifted as the door opened, the bell ringing through his ears. A short male stood there, looking around, his blonde hair ruffled and messy. His skin was pale and eyes a pale brown, and they finally met his own gaze. He hesitantly sat down, giving him a smile.
"Jimin, I assume?" The taller male asked.
He nodded. 

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