his hands immediately move to rest on my hips, "now, i could get used to this," he comments, smirking up at me.

i roll my eyes. "fuck off and be still," i order, continuing my work. he started to rub up and down my sides, distracting me a little, but i wouldn't let it show.

"dude, i feel like we're all third wheeling over here." i hear sam whisper to the other boys.

jacks pov;

as she did my eyebrows, i couldnt help but stare at her. the way her eyebrows furrowed, how she bites her lip to concentrate. she was beautiful. her sitting in my lap was so fucking hot, i'm surprised i could hold it together.

i've been so horny lately, because i haven't been hooking up with katie since me and holland made that deal.

it's not a secret that i'm extremely attracted to her, and if holding out on sex with katie for a month is what i have to do to hit that then that's what i'm going to do. maybe when i do fuck her then i can finally let her go, for some reason i keep bringing her back.

when i rub my hands up and down her sides, i feel her shudder and hear her breathing falter. i can't help but smile knowing i have an effect on her, even though she tried hiding it, i could tell.

holland's pov;

"all done!" i exclaimed, hopping off his lap. i pulled up the camera on my phone and handed it to him. he looked at himself in the camera.

"you can't even tell you did anything," he remarks.

"yes you can! they're more defined," i argued.

"i don't know what the fuck that means, but okay." he huffed.

my phone began to ring and i looked at it to see gen calling me, i'm surprised because i thought she would definitely hate me. i answer it, "gen?"

"where the fuck are you?" she seethes from the other line.

"i'm not sure what you mean," i reply, questioningly.

"the charity event at the church that we, or should i say I, planned for weeks. you're supposed to be here to help me," i can feel her anger through the phone.

"holy shit! i totally forgot about that," i put my fingertips to my forehead.

she laughs dryly, "of fucking course,"

"aren't you mad at me though?" i ask, remembering the whole parker situation.

"yes, i'm pissed at you and i really don't wanna see you but this charity event isn't about you or me, so you were supposed to fucking show up. where even are you?" she asks again harshly.

"home," i lie, knowing she'll be even more pissed if she knows i'm with jack.

"you are such a fucking liar, i can hear jack and the others guys talking in the background. what the fuck is wrong with you?" she fumes.

"nothing! i'm just making new friends," i defend quickly.

"and ditching old ones." she states plainly.

"no, no, no. i'm not ditching you or parker, you guys are my best friends and i don't know what i'd do without you. i'm just branching out because you two are literally the only friends i've got." i explain quickly.

"you're not ditching? huh? then where are you? where were you the other day on parker's birthday?" fuck, parker's birthday.

"parker wouldn't want me there, he's pissed at me." i try to excuse myself.

"you couldn't even shoot him a happy birthday text? you know parker and you know he did in fact want you there," she says, "you are a shit friend." she hangs up, leaving me shocked to think about her words. a tear rolls down my face and i quickly get up and grab my things before rushing to the door. jack jumps over the back of the couch and puts his hand on the door before i could open it.

"where are you going? what happened?" he asks quickly. i open my mouth to try to make words but all that comes out is a whimper. tears pouring out soon after. he puts his hands on both sides of my face to hold them. "hey, hey. shh," he whispers pulling me into his chest. i wrap my arms around his torso. "hey, you guys. go home," jack says to the boys.

i pull away, "no, they can stay. i'm gonna leave." jack immediately shakes his head, "jack. i'm gonna go home. but, seriously, thank you." i say sternly.

"are you sure?" he asks and i nod before hugging him once more and then walking over to the other boys giving them small side hugs.


i walk into my house a couple hours later. i didn't go straight to my house, instead i drove around trying to decide if i wanted to go see gen or parker. eventually i decided that i was too much of a coward to. i see my dad standing in the kitchen, looking over at me when i enter the door. he was about to open his mouth the say something but i held my hand up to signal for him to not, "fuck off."

"well that's no way to speak to your father." i hear a feminine, familiar voice say. then she stepped out into the living room where i could see her and i almost beat her ass.



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