Blanket Fort

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"I'm telling you, I left my wallet out back. I lost it in the grass, I know it!" Charlie shouted over the sound of the lawnmower that was being pushed by one of his frat brothers, Joe, at the worst time of day. "You would lose your brain if it wasn't for your brain stem keeping in attached. How did you lose your wallet? I didn't think you even owned one." Another one of his fraternity brothers, Ricky, who can never seem to find a positive note about anything or anyone. 

"I own a wallet, I'm not completely lost as you put it. Now help me look, I need to get back to my room." Charlie dropped to his knees and looked around the tall grass where the lawn mower couldn't get to because of the rocks and the river bed. 

"Why, so you can light up for your morning wake and bake?" Ricky was, of course, referring to his brother's habit of smoking the moment he wakes up and all through the day. If it was possible he would have found a way to do it while he slept, Ricky knew that for certain. He had to have something wrong with each one of the members of beta theta pi, hell he had to have something to say about every person he's ever met. It was a flaw that everyone around him wished would suddenly fall out of his personality. 

"Just because I like to smoke pot doesn't make me completely useless. You've smoked it with me if I'm not mistaken and who is the one everyone comes to for stuff for their parties? Me, that's who." Charlie battled his argument until his hand came across something cold and firm. Thinking it was his wallet he pulled on it hard but found it wouldn't budge. 

"Ah, crap, it's caught on something. Ricky, be a doll and walk to the other side of this bush and see what it's caught on." Without the slightest grumble, Charlie would have thought Ricky was dead, but hearing it now told him he was at least being cooperative. 

Ricky dove into the bush with his hands spreading the tendrils of leaves as he did. They were so close to the river bed and then end of the flow that he was worried one bad step and his foot would land himself in the cold water. It was just barely spring and it would be ice cold but as soon as he parted the right section of the bush, he realized something else could chill him to the bone.

"Charlie, you're not going to believe this..." His voice cracked and wavered a bit as he pulled more weeds and grass away from the cold, firm thing Charlie believed to be his wallet. But when he came over to Ricky's side and saw what his eyes were glued to, they both realized instantly that they had more than just a case of a lost wallet. They had a case of a dead girl on the side of the river bank. 

"What the hell are we supposed to do?" Charlie asked Ricky as he freaked out and began to pace in front of the bushes he helped grow over the last year. It was the primary reason they were so big and flourishing, he had a knack for gardening. 

"We call the cops, we aren't at fault here and the evidence around her will say that much. We don't move the body and we don't touch anything." Ricky laid out what they were going to do while he fiddled with his pocket to find his phone. Realizing he left it in the house, he dashed off to grab it from the arm of the sofa. Meanwhile, Charlie was beginning to unravel as his eyes couldn't sway from the cold, lifeless body of the young girl laying in the weeds and wet dirt from the river. Her ink black hair covered her face and the clothes she was wearing were all but soaked to her body. 

Charlie had never seen a dead body and the small rolled joint he brought out of his pocket to light, would be the only thing to calm his nerves. He lit the yellow Bic lighter from his other pocket and began taking deep drags from the joint and closing his eyes, never wanting to see the body again. But just before Ricky could make his entrance again, Charlie heard the faintest of sounds. 

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