Chapter 9.

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Mason's POV

I walked into the empty house and automatically saw so many memories. They made me skip all the rooms that I would mourn in, but I wish they didn't. Niall and Liam went into Dylan's room, leaving Harry, Zayn and Louis to help me. I was slightly embarassed when I opened the door, not by my room, no, my room was cool. I was embarassed by the wall of One Direction posters, but they didn't mind since I already told them. My walls were tan with white accents. I had a loft bed, with my desk underneath. My bedsheets were pink and my duvet was a pink paisley pattern. My bedframe was white, along with the desk. My macbook sat on my desk, which I was relieved because I missed it so much and I thought I lost it! I had a vanity full of tons of make up and hair products even though I didn't use any of it. Whoops. I had a bookcase but I filled the first shelf with photo albums, the second shelf with magazines, the third with school stuff, and the last one with books that I haven't touched.

"Wanna see something cool?" I whispered to Harry and he nodded. I told Zayn and Louis to go collect my stuff from my bathroom and I went into my walk in closet with Harry. "I know you are suppose to be here to keep me from this stuff, but I need to see it, and I've never gone in here alone." I said in my small voice. He looked confused.

"Your closet?" He asked, he had an almost worried look on his face. I shook my head and pushed my clothes back. There was a small door and I pushed it forward and a room was revealed.

"This is where I went with Ryan." I said in my small voice and crawled in, Harry followed.

"What did you guys do in here?" He asked looking around. It had two bean bags and a lamp, but nothing else.

"Talked. That's it, that's all we needed to do." I said sitting down in the beanbag that Harry had sat in.

"You really miss him, don't you?" He asked putting his arm around me and rubbing my arm. I leaned into him, placing my head on his shoulder.

I nodded, "Everyday I think about what I would be doing if he was still here. Right now we would be doing this, talking." I took a deep breath and held back the tears. Harry wrapped his other arm around me and hugged me placing me on his lap and facing him.

"I promise that I will be here for you whenever you need it, okay?" He said bringing me in closer to him.

"Thank you, Harry. I can't thank you guys enough for what you have done for me.." I said looking into his eyes and I brought myself closer to him.

"I would do anything for you." He said so we were as close as we could be without touching. I bet he could feel the sweat I was producing.. CUTE! I couldn't do this, I couldn't just go against what everyone said and show how I feel about Harry, I couldn't do that. I pulled away and got off of his lap.

"We should go. Louis and Zayn will be back soon." I said crawling out of the room, but I felt his hand grab my ankle.

"Did I do something wrong?" He asked, sounding broken. No, Harry! Don't be sad, I like you..

"No, but remember, I can't date anyone." I said pulling him out of the secret room.

"That rule sucks." He said while he was crawling out of the room. I smiled and turned around but he closed the closet doors behind me. "I have a question." He said and I nodded. "Do you like me?" I ducked my head down embarassed and nodded. I felt his hand under my chin and lifted it and brought me closer to his lips, which were in the formation of a smile. "Good, because I like you too." And we crashed our lips together, smiling at many times throughout the kiss. His hands roamed my back, and I ran my fingers through his thick curly hair. We pulled away and he kissed my forehead and I opened the doors of the closet smiling.