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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 9.

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Mason's POV

I walked into the empty house and automatically saw so many memories. They made me skip all the rooms that I would mourn in, but I wish they didn't. Niall and Liam went into Dylan's room, leaving Harry, Zayn and Louis to help me. I was slightly embarassed when I opened the door, not by my room, no, my room was cool. I was embarassed by the wall of One Direction posters, but they didn't mind since I already told them. My walls were tan with white accents. I had a loft bed, with my desk underneath. My bedsheets were pink and my duvet was a pink paisley pattern. My bedframe was white, along with the desk. My macbook sat on my desk, which I was relieved because I missed it so much and I thought I lost it! I had a vanity full of tons of make up and hair products even though I didn't use any of it. Whoops. I had a bookcase but I filled the first shelf with photo albums, the second shelf with magazines, the third with school stuff, and the last one with books that I haven't touched.

"Wanna see something cool?" I whispered to Harry and he nodded. I told Zayn and Louis to go collect my stuff from my bathroom and I went into my walk in closet with Harry. "I know you are suppose to be here to keep me from this stuff, but I need to see it, and I've never gone in here alone." I said in my small voice. He looked confused.

"Your closet?" He asked, he had an almost worried look on his face. I shook my head and pushed my clothes back. There was a small door and I pushed it forward and a room was revealed.

"This is where I went with Ryan." I said in my small voice and crawled in, Harry followed.

"What did you guys do in here?" He asked looking around. It had two bean bags and a lamp, but nothing else.

"Talked. That's it, that's all we needed to do." I said sitting down in the beanbag that Harry had sat in.

"You really miss him, don't you?" He asked putting his arm around me and rubbing my arm. I leaned into him, placing my head on his shoulder.

I nodded, "Everyday I think about what I would be doing if he was still here. Right now we would be doing this, talking." I took a deep breath and held back the tears. Harry wrapped his other arm around me and hugged me placing me on his lap and facing him.

"I promise that I will be here for you whenever you need it, okay?" He said bringing me in closer to him.

"Thank you, Harry. I can't thank you guys enough for what you have done for me.." I said looking into his eyes and I brought myself closer to him.

"I would do anything for you." He said so we were as close as we could be without touching. I bet he could feel the sweat I was producing.. CUTE! I couldn't do this, I couldn't just go against what everyone said and show how I feel about Harry, I couldn't do that. I pulled away and got off of his lap.

"We should go. Louis and Zayn will be back soon." I said crawling out of the room, but I felt his hand grab my ankle.

"Did I do something wrong?" He asked, sounding broken. No, Harry! Don't be sad, I like you..

"No, but remember, I can't date anyone." I said pulling him out of the secret room.

"That rule sucks." He said while he was crawling out of the room. I smiled and turned around but he closed the closet doors behind me. "I have a question." He said and I nodded. "Do you like me?" I ducked my head down embarassed and nodded. I felt his hand under my chin and lifted it and brought me closer to his lips, which were in the formation of a smile. "Good, because I like you too." And we crashed our lips together, smiling at many times throughout the kiss. His hands roamed my back, and I ran my fingers through his thick curly hair. We pulled away and he kissed my forehead and I opened the doors of the closet smiling.

"Ready to go?" Liam asked coming into my room. I looked around, I guess I was. My clothes were in boxes, the items I really needed were in boxes too. We still got to keep the house, we just couldn't stay there until we had a steady job. I nodded and pretended to start walking behind everyone, but then I turned around and ran into Ryan's room for a second and then my parent's. That's all I needed, just a peek. I walked out of Mom and Dad's room and closed the door, turned around, and bumped into Harry.

"I just wanted to see it one more time.." I said ducking my head in shame. To my surprise, he kissed to top of my head and wrapped his arms around me hugging me tightly.

"Don't worry, I understand, Mas." He whispered into my ear. I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and made our way downstairs.

Later That Day

"So, are you going to be okay home alone?" Liam asked me. He was going out to do something educational, I'll be honest, I zoned out, and Niall and Dylan were going out to do something, so I was home alone for the night.

"I'm 16 not 6. Can I invite the boys over though?" I asked, even though it was my flat too now. He nodded. I smiled and he waved goodbye. Honestly? I'm only inviting Harry. So maybe I lied a bit, but it's no one's buisness.

I dialled Harry's phone number and he picked up right away. That immediatly made me smile.


"Harry!" I honestly couldn't think of a clever nickname. Sue me.

"What's going on?" His voice let alone made me smile.

"Do you want to come over? No one's here and I'm bored."

"Just me or do you want the boys to come too?" He asked. Well, this is awkward.

"Just you.. if that's okay." I said and I knew he was smiling at the other end.

"That's fine with me. I'll be over in 10." I smiled. It was going to be a good night.

"See you then! Bye!" I hung up and ran into my room. I started straightening my hair and putting on a cute outfit. I wore blue skinny jeans and a white v-neck with a blue pocket. It was casually cute, I guess. I finished my hair right when he knocked on the door. Perfect timing, I think so.

"Helloo!" He said when I opened the door. He changed too, and that made me smile. He wore a white t-shirt and a navy blazer with kacky pants. Very attractive, Styles.

"Hi!" I said letting him in. He looked me up and down, but I pretended not to notice.

"Do you want to stick around here, or do you want to go out?" He asked. Did he just ask me on a date?

"Is that you asking me out on a date?" I said teasing him. He blushed, which was very attractive.

He laughed nervously, "You caught me.." I nodded and ran into my room to grab my NorthFace and my boots.

"Ready?" I asked walking into the living room. He nodded and picked up his car keys and grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers.

"What do you want to do?" He asked me opening the car door for me. So sweet!

"It's up to you!" I said smiling and he sighed.

"I'm indecisive. Well, do you want to go out for dinner?" He asked and I nodded. He took me to a fairly nice restaurant, but we both weren't dressed for a fancy place.

After dinner, we went back to the flat and decided to watch a movie. I sent Liam a text saying that it was just me and Harry so he wouldn't have a heartattack when he got home seeing just us. At least I warned him. So considerate, I am.

"Mason?" Harry asked drawing my attention away from my phone and onto him.

"Yes?" I asked smiling.

"Would you ever date one of us, even though Liam said no?" He asked. That was such a loaded question.

"It depends on which one of you it was!" I said winking. He knew exactly what I meant and put his arm around me and refocused on the TV. "Why do you want to know, Harry?" I asked him smiling.

"Just checking." He smirked, and I smiled on the outside, but on the inside I just wanted him to ask me out already.

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