6: Alternatives (part 4)

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6.4 Twins

Knightsbridge: 23 April 2128

Ellie passed Rick the scribbled message. She had already been at the twins house overlooking St James's Park cooking a meal when he'd arrived.

Long's message read, 'All Systems Go? Come.'

Rick pointed at the question mark. "Do you think he's got it working, or what?"

Ellie had also wondered about that when Phil had delivered the paper earlier on. But, before she could answer, the door opened and the twins entered.

"What do you think?" Jasmine said, striking a pose and twirling around.

"Wow, beautiful," Ellie gasped. She couldn't help envying Jasmine's exotic looks. Her hand automatically went to her head and she wished now that her haircut hadn't been so severe. It would take months for it to regain its previous length.

"Amazing," she heard Rick say and watched his eyes light up as he took in the sight.

Jasmine had changed into a floor-length, blue satin gown she'd discovered in an attic in nearby Mayfair a few days before. Her long, straight dark hair contrasted with the gown to give an almost electric effect. The simple belt accentuated the curves of the body underneath in a way that was, Ellie thought, completely erotic. From the look on Rick's face, it seemed he thought the same and, for a moment, Ellie felt jealous of Jasmine.

Conversely, Jade was already attired in camouflage jacket and trousers ready for the trip to the Wall to recover the rods. The twins, the only related humans amongst London's NewGen, were almost indistinguishable, apart from the colour of their eyes. Normally, they took great delight in dressing similarly in order to confuse the others.

The smell of dinner pervaded the house and Ellie helped Jasmine dish up while Rick and Jade laid the table.

After dinner, while Jade busied herself with packing and repacking a small suitcase that held provisions for Long, Jasmine busied herself with Rick and Ellie. All three had been regular lovers in the past, sometimes as pairs, and occasionally with three or more all together. AI's failure to provide adequate sexual education along with the experimentation that had begun from just before puberty, had resulted in a general lack of inhibition and a willingness to try anything that could be thought up.

Afterwards, while all three lay entangled on the bed, Ellie thought back to Long out in the woods. He had been a lover in the past but she found his current state unappealing. He had become wiry and odorous, and it repelled her. She ran her hand down Rick's bare chest. There were a few hairs growing around his nipples but the rest of his torso was still smooth. She had seen Long's hair-covered chest when he had changed his clothing while she had been tending the strange old man from the machine. The man, too, had been hairy as well as wrinkled. Would Rick go the same way?

Jasmine sat up and stroked Ellie's breasts. "Shower?"

Ellie nodded enthusiastically. "Definitely need one after all that," she grinned.

They left Rick sleeping.

In the shower, Ellie marvelled anew at the differences between their bodies as she soaped Jasmine's curves. Her own was slightly angular, with distinct bumps and grooves where her ribs and muscles showed. Conversely, Jasmine was smooth and rounded, and a delight to touch. Jasmine returned the caress and a few seconds later their arms were entwined and their lips found each other's. Ellie felt a pang of guilt, as if she was betraying Rick. Then Jasmine's tongue entered her mouth and, for a few minutes, she forgot all about him.

Later, after darkness had fallen, Ellie and Rick changed into more practical attire ready for their next encounter with the Wall and beyond.

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